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Do you have string?

Asked by raum (9751points) 1 month ago from iPhone

In your house?
In your car?

If you answer yes, why do you have string?

If you answered no, why don’t you have string?

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I keep a ball of string in a drawer of my computer desk. I got it for hanging pictures but have also used it to measure my hat size.

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I have no string in my house nor in my car.

Theoretically speaking, it’s for exclusively particulate reasons. ;-o

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Omigod, string! I love string! I have string in my kitchen, in my toolbox, in my garage, 8n my car. I can’t possibly list all the uses, but here are a few. Loosely tying tomato plants to the stakes. Tying the tarp to cover the AC unit in the winter. Keeping long extension cords in order when not in use and during transport. Displaying holiday cards across wide archways in my home for display.
Securing things to other things.
Stuff like that.

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I have thread but not a lot of string. At home, not in the car. String is great and I want string, but the last time I considered buying string in a store, it was a skimpy ball and overpriced (like $6 for an unsatisfying amount).

Once about 15 years ago, I went into a Safeway to get string (for a car-related purpose) and they didn’t have any. That was an outrage. String should be easily available, and not overpriced.

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I have twine. I keep it in a toolbag that’s filled with fastening stuff – twine, tape, wire, screws, nails, Velcro, glue, etc. I probably bought the twine for a specific long-forgotten purpose. It’s last use was bundling the cut parts for a table project, to keep them together in the closet. I have the tabletop out to get myself interested in it again. It’s my first attempt at nice-looking carpentry.

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I do. Used to keep a supply of cotton string in the house, and I still have some, but now you can only get that miserable plastic stuff. I also have heavier twine.

String is an all-purpose essential. I keep it in a storage closet along with lightbulbs, gift wrap, vacuum cleaner bags, and other supplies. I tie up rolls of things, make temporary replacement cords, tie (not tape) jigsaw puzzle boxes, and sometimes hang things up with string. Way back when, it was also for pulling teeth, wrapping parcels for mailing, adjusting the fit of an overlarge (boyfriend’s) ring, and all sorts of other miscellaneous uses. Everyone should have some string.

You used to have to wrap parcels in brown paper and tie them up with string. Just ask Maria. They had to be openable and reclosable, not taped.

If you light one end of a piece of cotton string, it burns slowly like a coal, and you can use it to burn designs into pieces of tissue. It smells, though. I remember doing that outdoors on summer nights as a kid.

The heavy brown twine is in a kitchen drawer and mainly serves to truss up stuffed turkeys. I don’t know if there’ll be any more of those.

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We have a bag of rubber string in the kitchen. We use string when we need to tie opened bags. I use it for my potato chip bag :)

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You talking about rubber bands @Mimishu1995?

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Yes, I have lots of string. The boys like to make string highways for cut up straws to travel on. They also make very elaborate webs in their play room, covering as much air space as possible. We have several kite string spools filled with string.
I also used to have 30 or 40 skeins of yarn which they used for various string like projects, but I recently donated the unused ones to a knitting charity.

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Anybody remember the hand and string games? Cat’s Cradle, Jacob’s Ladder, and the like…I loved them!

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I don’t have string. I don’t remember the last time I ever did. Probably never, since moving out of my parents’ house in 1987. I figured that if I ever did need string, I could easily go out and buy some. I guess I have never had a need for it.

Glue on the other hand, we have at least five different types of that in the house.

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Thanks for all of your answers! I’ve enjoyed reading about your thoughts on string. :)

Now I have to go Google more about that art technique that @Jeruba mentioned!

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