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Is it normal for cracks to disappear once a TV is off?

Asked by TheSpiderWeb (199points) 1 month ago

My tv has a strange line that resembles a crack but it only shows when the TV is on. It has no scratches.

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Huh. I’ve never seen that sort of thing.

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You’re talking about the crooked line near the bottom of the screen, right? In that picture, it looks like the tv is off. How old is it?

I did find this, which is a vizio, but sounds like your problem:

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The tv was turned on in that image.

This what the full screen looks like when turned on:

Is it turned off:

The Tv was purchased in 2018.

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It looks like the LCD panel is damaged.

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Oh yeah, those images look like you have a physical crack going through your LCD screen. It’s broken and would need to be replaced to fix that.

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What is stressing me out is that it looks like the warranty has been voided. It wasn’t exactly a cheap tv. It is a X930E.

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Your set it toast, and probably a potential fire hazard.

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that is definitely a crack in the screen. You only see it when it is lit.

The same thing can be observed on most smart phones. you dont see the cracks unless shown in the right light or angle

So sorry

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@TheSpiderWeb why do you think the warranty has been voided? Based on what I read in @smudges link, internal cracks are caused by heat, not impact damage. That would suggest that the TV is overheating, which makes me think that it has an electrical fault somewhere. I wouldn’t suggest switching it on again, it could be a potential fire hazard.

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