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Has US Postal Service delivery gotten notably worse in the last several weeks?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33080points) August 19th, 2021

My first class mail (envelopes) is coming properly. No problem.

I subscribe to a bunch of (paper) magazines as well. They used to come during the week – Economist on Wednesday, Business Week on Tuesday, etc. – like clockwork for decades.

The last couple of weeks: No magazines all the weekdays, but then a stack of all of them on Saturday.

This is a big reduction in usefulnesss. It has forced me to change my reading habits.

Is the USPS as screwy where you live?

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Yes. The cause is Trump’s appointee.

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It’s been off, yes, but I don’t blame the USPS. We’ve had a great postal service for ages, one that never deserved the term “snail mail”, and we’ve dissed it and taken it for granted, and now we’re getting to the Big Yellow Taxi part: you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

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The only thing I get via USPS is the occasional solar panel or credit card offers. There has been no slowdown in this stuff, unfortunately.

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They have a separate parcel delivery in my city (some days , but usually get it during the week. First class has improved since Christmas.

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No. My bills still arrive on time…

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I haven’t mailed anything recently, but 4 months ago it was terrible!

Hopefully, it gets sorted out. If they are making changes it might be growing pains and hopefully get better again.

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I have not seen any difference. I mailed a priority package to Pasadena on 8/16 that was estimated to arrive on 8/19. They got it on the 18th – a day early.

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I received some material addressed to my neighbors, which I handed over to them.

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I spoke to my mailman this morning when he brought the mail – there were 5 magazines in the delivery.

He told me that the local PO simply isn’t getting 2nd class mail sent from the big North Atlanta sorting center very often. They used to get magazines and 2nd class stuff every day from the regional sorting facility – now it’s one-twice a week.

He acknowledged that it’s an issue – but not a local issue in my suburb, but a regional one.

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I have noticed that since we moved, and forwarded our mail to a PO box in another town we aren’t getting junk mail anymore. Gee. I should check on that… NOT!!!

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It is getting worse. Also, stamps are going up the end of the month and packages will cost more to send in time for Christmas. Thank you DeJoy! I don’t know why he hasn’t been removed as yet.

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We were told to mail our rent to the property owner (lives in a town next to us) 10 days in advance because of mail delays.

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Actually I think the USPS has improved, I’m finding issues with UPS and FedEx not delivering on time and loosing parcels.

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The last priority package I sent to California, in a non standard box, arrived 2 days before the expected delivery date. That is fantastic service!

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