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What happened to Facebook? Pages huge!

Asked by Inspired_2write (14486points) August 19th, 2021

What do I do to restore it..there is no tool bar either.
Google announced changes coming soon.

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The page on my desktop is too huge and cutting zoom down makes it too small.

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It’s not facebook. You did something to your computer output.

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Phone, lap top or desktop?

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If you have a touch screen you can shrink by putting two fingers together on the screen.

Can someone help me explain how to do it?

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If you are on a pc with a mouse: Hold down your control button and use the wheel on your mouse to make the print larger or smaller.

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@RedDeerGuy1…if she has touch screen she makes pinching motion with her fingers. Start with fingers wide apart then pinch them together.

If you aren’t on a touch screen then what @chyna said above me.

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Like @chyna said. Push “CTRL” and use the scroll bar.
Also “CTRL” and ”-” (minus sign) will reduce size. “CTRL” and ”+” will enlarge it.

“One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small.” Jefferson Airplane

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Well? You get it figured out?

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It was Google who changed up how one gets onto Facebook ( a new secuity measure).

Today I had to physically input password to finally get the original view.

Anyone else trying to get inot my ( or yours) Facebook account would get what I got yesterday… a sort of scrambled view.

It took about a hour to find the most recent password since last year it was hacked.

Its a good thing that I wrote the date of the new password, iotherwise I would had been screwed!

Thanks for quick responses,all fixed now.

Just in case others get same experience.

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I had 0 glitches getting in to Facebook or Gmail or anything.

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Maybe its just in Canada?

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Ask RedDeerGuy.

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Blame Canada

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I’ve had no problems accessing FB recently.

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