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Can Kusanagi be a surname?

Asked by Nick88 (61points) 2 weeks ago

The reason I ask this is because of the main character from the anime Ghost in the Shell, and one of the characters from the King of Fighters video game series has the surname Kusanagi. I also read that Kusanagi is the name of a Japanese sword.

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I can’t see why not. And “sword”
sure sounds like a really cool surname to me. Mr. Mazinger Sword. Nice.

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Yes. Unless a person is really close and intimate with another in Japan, it is customary to call a person by their family name.

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Yes, it can be a surname. It means “grass-cutter”, hence the name of the sword, but it is also a surname of occupational origin.

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Kusanagi can be and is a surname

The name originates from Japan and for more information please visit:

It is also the name of a legendary weapon.

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