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How do politicians, and everyone else, know when to touch a citizen and when not to?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24583points) September 19th, 2021

From a kiss to a hug or arm rub?

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I never touch a citizen unless they swear they won’t ask me to vote for them. I do like it when they beg though.

But I guess it’s different if you’re actually running for office. Then it’s probably like a heyena sizing up a wildebeast. If they’re too weak to get away, make your move.

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I’m friends with some politicians from my job so when we see each other, we kiss hello.

When you extend your hand to a politician, they will shake it. If you don’t, if you just give them a little wave, they’ll know to keep their distance.

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Does this include candles and a bottle of wine?

I’ll check with Mario.

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For many many years I have cringed when politicians shake hands in crowds and hold other people’s babies. I thought maybe COVID would cure that practice, but doubtful.

As @jca2 said I think they wait for someone else to make the move first, but that can also be difficult, because when caught up in shaking a lot of hands then often times everyone is extending their hand at once and you can easily get caught up in the moment. Plus, it’s a habit hard to break when meeting people.

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Keep your hands to yourself at all times unless someone instigates the ‘touch’, which is generally a handshake.
Hopefully Covid has taught people to be more respectful. I am being asked before hugs in my area, even from close friends.

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Politician or not, you never touch someone unasked.
Is what I think about it.
For all you know a small, ‘innocent/friendly’, touch, might be a trigger for someone to get a PTSD flashback.
Better safe than sorry.

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