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Would it bother you if someone, being friendly and non confrontational, told you that you were boring?

Asked by TJFKAJ (642points) 3 weeks ago

People respond to criticism different ways.
What if the criticism was that you are boring?

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Depends on who it was.
I probably would bore some people half to death.

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Ain’t nobody bored when my husband is around. (Right now he’s chanting “biscuits and gravy, biscuits and gravy” at me.)

I would be surprised if anyone told me that.

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No reason to be bothered.
I am boring.

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Yes, it would bother me.

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Nah. Been called a whole lot worse than that. No big whoop.

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Well, I am.

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I have come to realize that whoever think I’m boring are insecure loudmouths who feel the need to put other people down with their boasting.

I actually annoy people for being too interesting.

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I know I’m not so I would wonder why they think that, and I would probabliy ask them.

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Hey – Sometimes I fall asleep.

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You mean like asking questions such as _Does size matter?

Nah, I’m not boring but I don’t talk incessantly either. I listen to every spoken and unspoken word. :)

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If someone knows me well, I care what they think. If not, not.

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Could be read a number of ways.

Depends on the person.
Depends on the context.
Depends on the delivery.

Though I wouldn’t be that bothered. As I don’t strive be interesting. Makes for too many misconceptions. Boring means people aren’t creating ideas of you in their head. And I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing.

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“You are boring.”
-“Technically it’s called drilling, but yes, I am.”

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I’ve been called boring plenty of times, mostly by alcoholics. It irritates me they continue making bad choices but that’s on them.

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Boredom is in the mind of the bored person.

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I would find it hard to understand what the importance was of that person feeling the need to tell me that. Like, “Who the hell asked you?”

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I agree with kripter but I would had added it with” yeah tell me about it since your an expert at being boring.
That person EXPECTS you to entertain them..geeesh!

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It would depend entirely on context.

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