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Is it weird that anti-vaxxers are against the vaccine, but will try anything else?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19455points) 1 month ago

Even if it is dangerous, like horse de-wormer?

Humor welcome.

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The vaccine is free of charge, yet some people pay considerable amounts of money for fake vaccination cards.

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Yes, it is weird.

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Yes, yes it is.

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No, it is not weird.
Since they are anti-vax, something is already wrong (not saying they’re (all) crazy), and that deficit may also cloud their decision making where it concerns treatment of illness.

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Oh, pooh, @rebbel, that’s just “weird” in fancy talk. :-p

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It’s logically inconsistent, but when you’re dealing with weird people, logically inconsistent is par for the course, so I have no idea what you call it.

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Anti-vaxxers are

D E L U S I O N A L ! Definition by WebMD

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Not weird.

Some people will do anything to try to prove a point. Even if they a dead wrong.

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They believe Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s testicles in Trinidad. Nope, not weird at all.

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@LuckyGuy Is fascinated with Nicki Minaj’s cousins friend’s shunken ( or was it swollen?) testicles. :-)

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@chyna I am too—for the record.

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To be honest, I am too!

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I think we had a question on this recently. It isn’t weird to me. The vax is what they are being told to do. Anything else they are not being told to do and in some cases being told not to. That’s all this is really about. It’s like dealing with children. You have to use reverse psychology. ;)

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I think @Forever_Free is spot on.

They would do anything just to avoid having to admit to being wrong.

I had a discussion with someone who thought Covid was a bioweapon by China. I asked them what the purpose of the weapon was, and they said it was to sell medical supplies. I said that if it was true then it was a stupid plan because the world is now full of countries producing vaccines and China can’t even compete. They then changed to China doing that to invade other countries. I said that it would still be a stupid plan because it’s been 2 years and China hasn’t got any country under control yet, and besides China themselves are being worked over by the virus. They then said that that was because China wanted to murder people with different political ideology. I said that it was still a stupid plan because the entire country is now affected and not just some “targeted” individuals, and besides if they really wanted to off specific people, they would never make their method known, but as we all can see the virus is recognized by everyone in the world. They then said maybe China just didn’t think the virus would spread like that.

There is really no winning. I believe anti-vaxxers has the same mentality.

We even has a user on here now gone making a thread saying that we should all abandon vaccine altogether and focus on develop a way to time travel. His reasoning is that the vaccine is a lie, no one is immune to the virus, and the (US) government is corrupted and didn’t respond well to the pandemic.

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I also think it has a lot to do with the fact that vaccines are made and supported by the government and people of authority. This plays into the “government bad” mentality of those people. So anything that has nothing to do with the government is fine with them, even though it’s objectively horrible.

In my country there is still a problem with “Covid cure” drugs being illegally distributed. Some of them are just downright hilarious I can’t even imagine anyone taking it seriously. I remember seeing an ad for some kind of herb that could cure Covid, but before you could use it you had to pray for God and do a bunch of lengthy rituals. The “God” in question had to align with your religion, which implied that every God approved of the herb. This is just so ridiculous I refuse to believe it’s a real thing.

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@Mimishu1995 I suppose the “government = bad” people would also like to build their own roads, defend themselves from vandals and predators, dispose of their own garbage, build and maintain their own schools and prisons and Covid hospitals, carry out frontier justice on people who disturb the peace and otherwise disrupt their neighborhood like by killing people, print their own money and negotiate with every other locality on its value, carry their own mail from place to place, and inspect their own meat and produce…yeah, that’ll work.

Or are they going to form little communities and—!! reinvent government?

Thank goodness they at least have guns.

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@chyna Yep! It is so ridiculous I can’t help it. She even ended her tweet by telling people to do their research. When she posted that garbage to millions of fans their reseaach was done.

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Not just weird but really stupid as well.

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