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Do you drink complimentary coffee?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11292points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

Maybe it’s at your bank. At your church. At a nice insurance office. Your car dealership.

Wherever there might be some ‘free’ coffee are you likely to enjoy some? Why not?

If it’s awful, you finish the cup?

If it’s great will you have some more?

Will it secure your future business if you need a tie breaker on a competitor?

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Yeah I do at the dealership when I get my truck serviced.

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If there’s complimentary coffee, I simply let my nose control the situation. If the coffee bar area smells good, I go for it.
And for when it comes to securing business and the coffee smells nothing like it, I simply tell them I prefer tea :P

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The Nissan dealer I used to get my car serviced at (when I had a Nissan) and now the Honda dealer (because I have a Honda now) both had free coffee, in special dispenser machines. I drank the free coffee at both places. Not bad! I do like regular milk though, not powdered creamer, and the Nissan dealer had milk but the Honda dealer has creamers so I am less likely to avail myself of it.

Other than that, there are no places around that I can think of that have free coffee.

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Always. I don’t care what it tastes like, it just makes me happy that coffee is offered.
I am pretty easy.

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No sharing coffee in public places anymore.
In the past, rarely. I would have had mine already for the day that I made at home.

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I never met a cup of coffee I didn’t like. When I worked in the hospital, there was a lady in ER who used to put a pot of coffee on for night shift, and used to get offended that no one seemed to like it. Until I started coming by to check on safety issues. If I was working nights she’d always say, Well Tim seems to like my coffee anyway. LOL good and strong stuff it was. Which was exactly what I needed on a boring night in my office, putting graphs and charts together, or dealing with dull ass insurance issues.

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Once in a while. I don’t drink coffee, but if I’m thirsty and that’s all there is I’ll have some. At my car dealerships there is other options, so I take water, juice, or soda instead. Other places the only option is coffee. An example: the recreation centers where I live it’s usually coffee or water from a fountain, but in the meeting room it’s only coffee.

With covid floating around I’m reluctant to eat or drink anything that is self serve. Really depends on the specific circumstance if I am willing to partake.

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Maybe, but usually not, because it’s usually not great, I usually have had good coffee already, and I usually have other things to do.

If it’s awful, you finish the cup?

If it’s great will you have some more?

Will it secure your future business if you need a tie breaker on a competitor?
If it’s really a tie-breaker (no other reason to choose), maybe.

I do see the provision of coffee/tea/water in a waiting room as a sign of courtesy and consideration, and I do take the attitude of a business strongly into consideration.

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If it’s an early appointment I will top off my cup if it’s good. Most people here take coffee very seriously, as it’s a farming community.
My grands drank coffee all day running the farm, but I’ve cut back as I got older.

If it’s awful I dump it.

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I will unless the coffee area looks like it is not cleaned often or if the coffee just smells bad. I certainly wouldn’t finish if I didn’t like it. It’s not likely to sway where I do business unless it is a coffee shop.
Church is different. I’m Scandinavian/Lutheran and drinking coffee is kind of like breathing. It’s just what you do.

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