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Does this space project sound legitimate?

Asked by Inspired_2write (13365points) 1 month ago

One can send memories, a photogaph, a story, or wisdom that would be laser etched on metal to survive hundreds or more years in space on the moon.
link for more information in comments.

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No person could possibly top astronauts leaving golf balls and cars on the moon.

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How would you ever know if the artifacts lasted the full hundreds of years? You would be dead. Sounds scammish to me.

Also, why would we want to clutter up the moon with all sorts of earth shit?

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It sounds like a money-making mission to me. Anything left on the moon’s surface will be pulverised into dust by the impact of micrometeorites.

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Sounds a lot like that “name a star” bullshit.

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I’ll bet your data will be readable on that metal DVD for a long time. But is it worth the $ that you have to pay to do it?

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