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If you could add one item to your nation's flag, what would it be?

Asked by rebbel (33413points) 3 weeks ago

Something funny?
Something symbolic?
Something representative?

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USA: I’d add a dollar sign. ”$” . It does not have to be big – maybe the height of 2 stripes – and should cover a small portion of the blue and stars section and two of the stripes. It can be green or be a reverse image of the covered sections.
After all, the dollar is still the world economic standard. (So far.)

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Some black stripes to represent the contributions the enslaved made to our country’s growth.

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I would tell you, but then I would mysterious disappear the next day…

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Replacing the stars with corporate logos would be a start. Can I add a drone dropping bombs on people to the flag as well?

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For the Union Jack an arrow and the words “this way up”.

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I would rearrange the stars into a peace sign.

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America: brought to you by Amazon, Exxon Mobil, and United Health Group.

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Put a large image of the Wall Street bull in the middle of the white & red stripes.

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Skull and crossbones

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A small pictorial of U.S. wildlife – birds, fish, bears, wolves, etc., just their heads.

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Rainbow stars

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I don’t want my flag changed at all.

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