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What do you wear on your feet around the house?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) September 15th, 2008

Slippers? Shoes? Socks? Nothing?

My boyfriend’s mother and sister are always wearing sneakers of some type. Blech! This is comfy time! I prefer a nice pair of flip-flop style slippers. Puffy and soft, but still open like a flip flop.

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Most of the time, my tootsies are bare, whether in the house or out. Actually, I only shoes when I absolutely have too. I love bare feet. In the winter, if it’s really cold, I’ll throw on some light weight knit ballet slippers.

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Tennis shoes & socks or flip-flops.

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Closed-toe shoes or socks with sandals in the kitchen.
Tacky I know. But I don’t like food falling on my feet.
Like when you’re chopping stuff and inevitably there’ll be a renegade piece of garlic

Just sandals on the balcony.
Strangely enough, I don’t mind dirt falling on my feet.

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Nothing…... _ nothing at all….. on my feet, I do where things every where else, apart from my face and hands…. I’m going to stop typing now.

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@Nimis: I had to give you lurve for “renegade” garlic. I have renegade onions, myself.

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socks or slippers, my feet get cold easily

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Poof: Ha…thanks. Dastardly things, those little buggers.

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flip flops – I love my flip flops!

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When it’s warm, nothing. When it’s cold, slippers.

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Flip flops or socks

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Around my house, I wear English LeatherĀ®, or I wear nothing, at all.

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in my house ,i like just my skin, never mind the renegade stuff on the floor.:)

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Barefeet in summer, ugg boots in winter.

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Comfy slippers!! Just like the pair I wear at work.

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Flip flops in summer and bunny slippers in the winter! (boy they can make a mess though!) ;0)

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Crocs in kitchen. Bare feet everywhere else!

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Nada. I’d go barefoot all of the time, if I could.

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nothing. i go barefoot inside the house.

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My feet are bare! If I go outside, I wear flip-flops. Even in the winter when it snows.

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L.L. Bean’s Wicked Good slippers almost year-round, since my feet get cold easily and they’re made of sheepskin shearling – - comfy and warm during winter, just right during the a/c summer months.

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Nothing most of the time. If it’s really cold, I’ll wear socks, but never shoes or slippers in the house.

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Nothing! And my feet are horrible and rough because of it. (Actually because that’s what I would rather wear outside too…)

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depends what am i doing whats my motivation

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barefeet or socks

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