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Poll: Do you guys feel this type of hand pain?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12579points) 1 month ago

Polling because my doctor referred me to orthopedics but my mom claims it’s normal. I feel it’s because of our hand issues.

I have short tendons. I can’t fully extend my fingers. I get severe pain in my fingers and palms of my hands after using them for more than 5–10 mins depending on tasks. I have a hard time fully gripping things, and I struggle with tedious tasks.

My hands sometimes get numb as well.

Is this common to y’all? Or is it because of my tendons (which is what I think it is).

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That is absolutely uncommon, and I highly recommend that you follow your doctor’s orders and see the orthopedist.

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I agree with @Hawaii_Jake and your doctor. Go see the specialist. You’re young and almost certainly shouldn’t be experiencing debilitating pain that limits normal daily activities.

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Yeah, I am planning on it. This just a poll here because my mom says it’s normal and I’m like…. I think it’s because of our hands lol. She has it too.

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Even if your mom thinks it’s normal, since you have insurance, listen to the doctor and take his referral.

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Nope, I’ve never had that type of hand pain. And if I did, I would definitely ask my doctor about it. Here’s hoping you can find some sort of solution!

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Not normal for me.

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It’s within a normal range for me because

—  I’ve had carpal tunnel surgery in both wrists.
—  I broke my right wrist 11 years ago and have the predicted arthritis, despite excellent post-surgical therapy.
—  I use and overuse and even stress and strain my dominant hand daily. (No severe pain in my fingers and palms, though.)
—  I’m old.

None of these are your conditions, so no, it isn’t normal. Thank your mother for her opinion, and then go see someone who actually knows.

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@Jeruba have you experienced a burning sensation in your hands? Like they feel all swollen and hot?

Yeah it’s a genetic thing but I was wondering carpal tunnel

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Not as you described.

I did have a really cool-named writs/hand problem

but that was traced to a specific cause.

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Yeah, that’s not normal. Insist on seeing an orthopedic specialist.

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I don’t have that problem and I’ve only ever met one person with similar symptoms and that was due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Not normal.

See the orthopedics.

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Not common. You definitely should see a doctor. I would get a second opinion once you get a diagnosis from the first. Don’t tell the second doctor your diagnosis.

I developed problems with my muscles and tendons all over my body in my late 30’s, and keeping my vitamin D in normal range helps tremendously, but you are young and should not be having symptoms like this. It’s not normal. What happened to me is not “normal.”

Do you have a neck injury?

It could be carpal tunnel. Could be many things.

Definitely see a doctor.

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I’ve had tendonitis before that came from shrinking tendons. The cure was basically physical therapy to stretch the tendons. I’m with the crowd here…go see the specialist. Mom might be able to cure with TLC but I believe she is off base with this one.

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Pain in my hands (with a numb and swollen sensation) was due to a vitamin D deficiency. Can’t hurt to get that checked. In any case – no, not normal.

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@SergeantQueen, no, I don’t. Carpal tunnel wasn’t like that at all. As I said, my conditions do not apply to you. I just mentioned them to point to what could account for the pain—things that you do not have. What you’re experiencing is not normal. Go see a doctor.

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….I already have

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What did the doctor say @SergeantQueen?

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Hand weakness can occur due to a variety of conditions. I think, it can be like arthritis, concerns with neuropathy, or maybe cyst. Maybe you can go consult a professional doctor regarding this.

Also, if you are familiar with carpal tunnel syndrome? this occurs when the carpal tunnel, which is the passageway in the wrist, it tends to swell. this is turn puts pressure on your hands. of which, this pressure may result to pain, tingling sensation, and numbness in the hand. According to the internet, if you have this syndrome, it may occur due to different factors, such as repetitive hand use, or maybe some health conditions your body has.

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My hands also get numb and I have to shake them often to try and stop the tingling numbness. However, I do know the reason. This is why I’m sharing why my hands get numb. I had x-rays taken of my back and it showed that I had moderate degenerative scoliosis with sclerosis. My Joints and disks are also breaking down in the spine and are pushing on the nerves. My spine has a drastic curvature from side to side which is scoliosis and the degeneration is the breakdown of the vertebrae, joints and disks. You may not even know your spine is curved with degeneration until symptoms happen and may also not happen, some experience no pain with this condition. It causes all types of pain and most applicable is causing hand pain and numbness in the hand. I also can’t fully grip, I drop things and its very hard trying to make a fist accompanied with carpal tunnel, finger and joint pain. This painful degenerative condition is something you’re born with and progresses as you get older where normal disc breakdown is common. However, the condition is exasperated by wear and tear and the exerting and overusing of all these areas of the back and spine. They say the scoliosis may form at the time of birth when you are being delivered and the way your body comes through the birth canal. So like I said, you may not even know you have this condition. I Hope this helps.

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The answer @Trunziano gave is why I asked about your neck. The vertebra for your hands is the 7th or 8th down, I don’t remember exactly. If it is because of your neck there might be some thing you can do to make it better.

Have you been to the doctor yet? Any answers?

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I might also be making an appointment with a chiropractor because I messed my back up and the doc on Tuesday gave me meds.

No the doc just referred me to the specialist, which I said I was calling today.

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July 27 is for hand pain

July 18 is chiropractor

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