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What should I do about this dog (details inside)

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23539points) August 7th, 2022

I have been terrorized by an unknown dog around my area. I have been chased by that dog on my way back home three times so far. Last night was the most intense chase and I just narrowly escaped being bitten by the dog. Since the attacks are always unexpected and the dog always chased me from behind where I couldn’t see it, the first two times I was under the impression that maybe it was some sort of misunderstanding or the dog was just being overly friendly. Last night though, after my narrow escape, I’m convinced that the dog is out there to get me. I’ve personally witnessed it attempt to attack another person too.

Here is a roughly drawn map of how the incident happening last night. As you can see, I was just too far away from the dog’s “territory” to pose any real threat to it. I wasn’t even aware it was there. And all the while it was chasing me it was barking loudly like a police dog running toward a criminal.

I know very little about that dog, but here are what I know:
– The dog seems to be active between 9 p.m to 10 p.m. It can be a problem for me since it’s often the time when I get home from work. I don’t know the dog’s schedule because it can go for days without showing up then just appears one day without warning last night’s incident was months apart from the second time I was chased. But when it does show up, it’s always around this hour.
– The dog always attacks unexpectedly and from behind, and always barks loudly while doing so. So whenever it attacks, I’m always thrown in panic mode because I don’t know what is coming to me, where it is coming from and what I can do to defend myself. I’m always on my motorcycle too so it’s another disadvantage right there.
– The dog is so good at stealth attack that last night was the first time I ever got to see its face in its entirely. And even then it was only a passing glance. I think it’s a medium-side built dog with brownish orange long fur. I think it looks like a corgi but with longer fur.
– I think the dog’s “territory” is the one marked in the drawing, but it can appear anywhere. Once I was chased while near my home. I ran away and slowly got back, then I took a peek from far away only to find the dog sitting right outside my door! And last night I was chased by it while on the other side of the road. The dog is just so unpredictable and I’m not even sure if it attacks to protect any territory.
– I don’t know who the owner of the dog is, but I would guess the owner isn’t very far away from the marked area in the drawing. That is, if it has an owner at all. I don’t even know if it has an owner in the first place. Whenever I get chased the road is always deserted without any sign of another human around. In case the dog has an owner, they must really like to let it roam unsupervised. And they either have no idea the dog is causing havoc around, or they just don’t care.

I think my parents are considering reporting the incident to the head of the area, but I want to know what I can personally do to stop this from happening again. It just frustrates me so much that I have to live in fear around my own place just because of a random dog. The matter is also complicated by the fact that some people around the dog’s area aren’t the best people around. There was an incident a long time ago when rocks were flying around because of an argument around a dog.

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What is animal control like where you live? Can you call them and/or the police to report it?

As for protecting yourself, how big is the dog? Do you have any protective clothing or equipment (pepper spray, a big stick, etc) you could carry, or people who could escort you, that would have you feel safe against it?

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What is animal control like where you live? Can you call them and/or the police to report it?

I’m still researching, but so far I don’t know any organization like that to report this kind of incident. Dogs have always been a matter of personal problem in my country and people just don’t want to mess with other people’s business. Very recently we are starting to care more about pets in a more widespread, community level, but I don’t think we have become as organized as the West.

How big is the dog?

I said that “I think it’s a medium-side built dog with brownish orange long fur. I think it looks like a corgi but with longer fur.”

Do you have any protective clothing or equipment (pepper spray, a big stick, etc) you could carry, or people who could escort you, that would have you feel safe against it?

All three of the times when I was chased I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt. I have a somewhat thick coat but it’s in the trunk of my motorcycle so it’s not like I can take it out to defend myself in the heat of the moment. And whenever that happens, there is always just me and the dog, so there is no one around to help me. Though last night’s incident seemed to gather some attention around it, because I could hear someone shouting while I was being chased.

There is actually another route back home for me, so I think I can take that route at least for some time. My problem is that it just frustrates me that I have to be so fearful around my house. Not to mention it may show up next to my door and not just that territory over there. Over time, if nothing is done about the dog, I’m afraid it will think it has won, and starts to expand its territory.

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My ex Mother in Law came for a visit once. She was in the habit of taking walks for exercise. The first day she went for a walk, the people at the top of the street (it was in the country…they would have been my nearest neighbors) had a Dalmatian they never put on a chain. Again…it was the country. This dog took to trying to sneak up behind my m-i-l and bite her. She was aware of the dog and had some close calls with it on the first day. On the second day she took a walking stick with her. When the dog came sneaking up behind her she swung that stick and hit it a good solid hit. It ran of yelping. She never had another problem with that dog.

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In my opinion you should find the dog in daytime hours and talk to the owners. Black pepper spray would teach it a lesson, too.

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Get some MACE or an electronic DAZER that emits ultrasonic sound that hurts the dog’s ears.

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@seawulf575 do you have any tip to fight the dog while on a motorcycle. I’m always on my motorcycle when I meet that dog, and I’m not sure how I can both put up a fight while riding.

@KNOWITALL as I already said in the details, I don’t even know who the owner of the dog is. I don’t even know if the dog has an owner at all. I may be able to find some spray but I’m not sure how I can do that while I’m riding my motorcycle.

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I wouldn’t want to engage in combat from a motorcycle. I would take the back way, or dismount and be ready to kickstand the bike and fight the dog, assuming I thought I could intimidate or beat it and was not worried about being hurt by the dog.

Really I would go with other people to find the dog’s owner and tell them they need to keep their dog on their property, or else you or others are going to need to defend themselves against their dog.

Another defense method is to get your own meaner dog.

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I would start with pepper spray, then move up to walking stick. Don’t be shy to use them.

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@Mimishu1995 how about a croquet mallet? Play that dog like a polo ball.

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Find the owner and tell them they have to control their dog.

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Redacted for privacy & security reasons.

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If I was brave enough, and there’s no guarantee of that, as soon as I knew the dog was coming, I’d get my pepper spray, which I’d have available, perhaps in a bike basket(?) If I needed both hands to stop, I’d tuck the spray in my bra or a pocket so it’s very handy. When I was ready, I’d stop and hop off my bike as fast as I could so I’d be ready when it got close to me, then I’d let loose with pepper spray and the DAZER that @kritiper mentioned. I’d also be yelling as loud as I could. If it seemed like the dog was backing off, I’d advance and keep spraying and yelling until I was pretty sure it was deterred and learned a lesson.

I feel for you. You may not be able to answer this, but do you recall if it had a large, wide head like a pit bull? If so, I’d start going the other route. I agree with others, too. One day maybe take a friend or neighbor with you and see if you can find an owner.

Sending you the very best positive energy for this situation! Keep us posted.

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There is no safe way to fight the dog while riding. The risk of getting seriously injured from a crash in that scenario is much higher than an average dog doing a lot of damage. I think getting the community involved is the right course of action, either through your parents or maybe via social media?

Meanwhile, you could carry a water gun just to feel safer until you get to your motorcycle (how fast is it? the average Corgi might reach a speed if something like 25 mph, probably not much more). Definitely use alternative routes if possible. The dog is stronger, so you should be smarter!

Water is a good deterrent because it shocks dogs, but doesn’t hurt them – pain increases aggression.

Sorry, this might scare you more, but…if you do get bitten: stay still, stay upright, don’t pull away, call for help.

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Nothing has happened so far. I’m taking the alternative route these days. I don’t hear anyone talking about the dog. I don’t know if anything has been done.

Situations like this just make me more frustrated about people’s attitude toward dogs in my country. Whenever you have dogs that just go out of their way to be assholes to random people, rest assure the dog’s owner isn’t someone you want to be around. They will always have the attitude of “my dog is always right” and soon you will be the villain, not the dog. That’s why I’m so hesitant to find the owner, because I’m not sure who the dog’s owner is and because I’m afraid I will get rocks thrown on my face for even mentioning the dog doing something bad.

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