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Engineering or Political Science?

Asked by Fallenangel (260points) September 21st, 2008

Im not sure what to do.

Im thinking about a profession in federal law enforcement or being a lawyer
Computer development, or IT/Network security (yes i know this one isnt really Comp. Engineering)

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go with federal law enforcement. it has its privileges. :)

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When you start college take classes in each field and see which one suits you better…..and you may decide on an entirely different field.

If you are interested in law enforcement, you might also want to consider a Criminal Justice degree…...

You might also want to consider combining your interests…...federal law enforcement surely needs cyber sleuths…...Consider a dual degree if you can handle the load…..

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Yeah I was thinking about that for a little bit, but if Im going into federal law enforcement, Im going to be a field agent.

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They’re very different jobs. Which one do you think you would enjoy more?

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I really like computers and such, but i really dont think its supposed to be my profession. My dream is to be an army ranger, but my parents would disown me and regardless of how much they hate me, I still love them. So I think international/federal law enforcement would be a great job. And I’ve also kinda always wanted to be a lawyer, so yeah….

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The Border Patrol in southern Arizona is desperate for people. It would give you a taste of “field work” without having to commit to something like the Army. Plus, you might even be able to work yourself into an IT position there if you want.

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Both an engineering degree and a poli sci degree have good parts they’ll lend towards Law School, but I’d guess that a poli sci degree would help more.

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