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How long do you stare at an open fridge looking for food?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24353points) June 17th, 2023

Or your family members?

Does if affect the performance of the fridge?
Does food spoilage increase when you open the fridge often, and for extended periods?

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I know what’s in my fridge & usually go reach in & pick up exactly what I want. The longer you hold open the door, the more cool air escapes so the fridge isn’t as efficient. Unless, you keep it open for a really long time, it shouldn’t cause spoilage, but I guess it could depending on how long you stare!!!

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Not for long, it gets uncomfortable watching a block of cheese and a carton of milk staring back at you.

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I never stare at “my family members” looking for food because I live alone. :-)

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No stare going on, just scanning.

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I know what is where in Frig, don’t need to stare.

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I “stare” by thinking about what I’m in the mood for before I open the frig or cupboards.

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There would be no need in my fridge. I very seldom have food in there.

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I don’t. Since I live alone, I have a pretty good memory for what’s there and what’s not. No need to stare.

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Not long anymore. My fridge is new and makes an obnoxious beeping sound when it’s left open for more than maybe half a minute or so.

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Almost never. As a kid my mon would be screaming at us to close the fridge.

As an adult, I buy the groceries and open the fridge myself to take out food throughout the day, so I pretty much know what’s in there before I open the door. A spouse or kid who rarely gets their own food usually needs more time to assess their options.

I did have the refrigerator and freezer open a little longer than usual Saturday, because we returned home Friday and had very little in both. I needed to stare inside to tell my husband his choices for a meal and I didn’t remember what I had to choose from. Maybe it was open 30 seconds.

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5 seconds. 5 minutes later I’ll do it again.

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I usually have a good idea of what’s in the refrigerator, since I do all the buying as head of the household. It only takes about thirty seconds for me to figure out what I’m in the mood for. It will usually either be berries or cheese that I’m going for. Sometimes ice cream or Italian ice.

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Sometimes too long, much too long. But at least not as long as when I search for a movie to watch in Amazon or Netflix.

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