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Have you emailed your Congressman lately?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33147points) September 20th, 2023

My congressman is one of the 15 idiots in the so-called Freedom Caucus that is obstructing the passage of any sort of resolution on the budget.

(He’s also a right-wing Christian nut, owns a gun store, and sees no reason for gun control of any type).

I’m so tired of the right wing screwing things up – I wrote a rather nasty email to the Congressmen telling him to do his job.

No idea if he will see it, or if I will get any sort of response. But it made me feel better.

Have you written your congressman lately?

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You most likely will get a dumb ass pre typed email back,but thats about it.

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Congress persons and Senators pay very little attention to email. They pay much more attention to phone calls.

You can call and leave a very brief message. That’s all that is needed.

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Two years ago I called a member of the Alberta legislature’s home office.
I asked a simple question, and never got passed the gatekeeper.
What did I ask?
I just wanted to know his middle name.

She was offended and got defensive. I never got an answer. He is no longer a MLA (Member of the Legislature Assembly of Alberta).

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Just about a month ago. I write my congressman and senators periodically. Especially if they change (leave the office, get beat in an election, etc). That is one of the ways I identify which are douchebags and which are REAL douchebags. It’s a very simple test. Write your congresspersons. They will almost all respond immediately with a form letter that thanks you for reaching out. If they are REAL douchebags they either don’t follow up at all or follow up with a form letter. If they are just douchebags, they respond with what you know isn’t a form letter.

And despite popular belief, I don’t favor Dems or Repubs. I currently have all Republicans for my district/state in Congress (House and Senate). One is a douchebag, one is a REAL douchebag and the third I haven’t written yet. A few years ago we had a Democrat (McIntyre) that I liked quite a bit. I didn’t agree with all his views or policies, but he took the time to write back and explain his positions.

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This page inspired me to do so.
Of course, he will ignore my opinion.

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Was on first name basis of state senator and state house member until last election.

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Last time I emailed my congressman was about six years ago. Basically, I received back a non response that meant nothing.

I emailed DeSantis three times during covid.

I emailed my county health department once during the height of covid to say how absolutely amazing they were at getting the vaccinations out. My “city” crosses three counties and the drastic difference between my county and the next county (I’m one mile away) was unbelievable. Someone high up in the county (I forget his position) called to thank me and said the person in charge of getting the vaccines out was incredible and the whole staff worked so hard planning and executing the whole thing.

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I know my congressman personally,having campaigned with him and for him at various times. I had lunch with him one day back in July.

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Emailed earlier this year.

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Some people think that sending immigrants to there home works to get their attention.

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@elbanditoroso I hope you weren’t too nasty or too aggressive. I would hate for them to arrest you.
I’ve never emailed my congressman, but I have called on several occasions to tell him how I feel about different things. His office person says she will pass on the message. But probably doesn’t.

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I email my elected officials whenever I feel inclined.

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My Email is on the fritz due to my slow internet connection, so, no.

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No, I ran out of Anthrax last month.

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@chyna Moi? Aggressive?

No, I told him to quit playing games and pass the budget, and that he wasn’t representing me.

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I wonder if they look up what party you are affiliated with.

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@JLeslie shouldn’t matter. Congresspeople are supposed to represent everyone in the district, not just their sycophants.

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I’d be better served by screaming at clouds.

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Now∆∆∆ that’s the best answer yet!

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I did once. That put me on a mailing list forever.

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@elbanditoroso I know. I just wondered what they really do.

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@JLeslie I think their goal, ultimately,, is that next time there’s an election, you’ll remember that they helped you and you’ll vote for them, and you’ll spread the word about how they were actually helpful to you.

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