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Is there a menu item you will always order in a restaurant you’ve never been to before?

Asked by filmfann (52144points) 1 week ago from iPhone

New restaurant, who dis?
First time in a restaurant, and you haven’t heard of any specific plate to order. You see they have ______, so you order it.
For my wife and I, it’s Fish & Chips. I also get Huevos Rancheros if I see it.

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Plain rice.

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Cheeseburger, French onion soup or a salad with fruit in it. Unless it’s an Indian restaurant, the it’s paneer masala.

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Pastrami sandwich.

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Veggie burger/vegan option. If that isn’t good, I probably won’t enjoy the regular options.

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Dark meat from rotisserie chicken.

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No, not unless I’m afraid of the food at the restaurant (in which case, why am I there? out of desperation, I guess?), and I don’t trust the server’s recommendations.

At a particularly suspicious breakfast place, I may order scrambled eggs and hash browned potatoes, since that’s generally a safe order.

I may tend to survey what others with visible food have, and imagine the other recipes as made by my guess about how capable the chef likely is.

But I prefer to only attend restaurants where I have hope the chef can make something good.

So I usually order what sounds best to me.

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Cheese and pasta. Like spaghetti or lasagna.

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Mashed potatoes.

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Shrimp cocktail

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Chips and guacamole. Whether it’s a Mexican restaurant or not, it’s a common menu item around here. I like to try everyone’s different take on guacamole.

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In an Italian place, I like eggplant parm or chicken scarpariello.

In a regular restaurant it will depend on what I’m in the mood for and how their prices are. I like pork chops because I don’t eat them very often. I like comfort food like shepherd’s pie. Sometimes I like a salad and a crock of something like mac and cheese.

For breakfast, I like French toast because it’s something I never make at home.

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Chinese: Usually MooShu or chicken curry with white rice.

Italian: Chicken Piccata.

Seafood: blackened fish with rice.

American: varies a lot what I order.

Thai: Chicken with basil and rice.

@jca2 My grandma used to order chicken scarpariello. I haven’t thought of that in years :). I LOVE eggplant parmesan, but outside of NY there is an 80% chance it will have way too much breading, so a bunch of mush basically.

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I always order the cheapest dish. HA!

My buddies and I go to an expensive restaurant on the Puget Sound Waterfront in Tacoma (Fish Catchers) after training sessions. The cheapest item it a chicken sandwich. With tip it’s $31. And it’s not very good. Subway is way better.

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When I lived in DC, a Cheeseburger with Fries pretty much gave me a decent idea of how the rest of their menu was going to be.

Now that I’m back down South, my go to usually is Spaghetti. If I can’t eat their Spaghetti, I’m probably not going to like most of their menu. Although not always the case, 9 out of 10 times it works. I seldom have to worry because I live in a really small town & we don’t get many new restaurants. The few we do get, word gets around by 10am on the morning after they open whether or not it’s worth my time.

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Breakfast – pretty much anything except grits.

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@LadyMarissa Spaghetti in the South?! I never would have guessed that.

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I judge BBQ joints by their brisket. If they get that right, they get everything else right.

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Huevos rancheros
Cheese enchiladas
Veggie burgers
Mushroom ravioli
Portobello mushroom sandwich
Vegetarian chili

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In a seafood restaurant that I’ve never visited before, I always order clam chowder to start. It’s my litmus test of the restaurant.

The clam chowder has to be white, thick, potatoey, and generously clammed. Maybe even a grain of sand or two for authenticity. I expect to see a pat of butter melting in the middle and be offered a grind or two of pepper to float on top.

If it’s made in house, I’d like mine dipped from the bottom of the pot.

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@JLeslie I also like chicken Francaise.

My mom used to say if you’re someplace where you are not sure about the quality of the food, order a grill cheese. They can’t usually screw up a grill cheese.

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My old theater group would go to a New Mexican restaurant that kind of sucked but was generally the only thing open after shows or rehearsals. I would get cheese enchiladas with red chile because it was the only thing I could be sure they wouldn’t screw up.

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In a Mexican restaurant, I tend to order Enchiladas Suizas, which are enchilads with the light green sauce, or I’ll do an enchilada combination plate, for variety.

I also like chicken with mole sauce.

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Mexican: chicken burrito with red sauce, rice and lettuce. I wish more Mexican places had white rice, I’m not a big fan of yellow rice.

Cuban: Ropa vieja with white rice and tostones

@jca2 I used to always order fish francese. Delicious! I stopped because of trying to limit cholesterol, but probably pretty much everything I order is going to have plenty of cholesterol so not sure it’s worth giving it up.

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NO. Just the opposite. If I am going to a new restaurant, I am going to try their specialties. I’m not going to keep to my old favorites from someplace else.

If I go to a new place, it’s because I want to experience their expertise.

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Not really. I tend to look over the menu to see what strikes my fancy that day. I look to see what their specials are. I will sometimes order something they are proud of. If their “top” dish is nasty, the experiment is over and I will not go back. But I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new foods.

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I’ll probably get a coffee, because bad coffee is reason enough not to return.

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