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Is the DNC just a formality as far as choosing the Democratic nominee for President?

Asked by jca2 (16239points) 1 month ago

Today, on the radio, I heard an interview with someone who said he thinks that Biden won’t be the DNC nominee for Presidential candidate. The DNC (Democratic National Convention) is in mid August, 2024. He’s guessing the Dems will find another candidate to run against the Republican nominee.

A friend told me it’s just a formality, and Biden will surely be tominated. She said since Biden is the current President, if he wants to run, he’s running. Likewise, if the current President were a Republican, at the RNC, that President would be nominated.

Is that the case? The RNC and DNC are just formalities?

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I’ve read that Biden is the purported candidate but he could step down at the Convention and then the party delegates would choose another candidate. It’s too late for him to be primaried against but if he steps down, another candidate could be the nominee.

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^Nothing wrong with that.

I will say though, the RNC must have some relevance. Otherwise Trump wouldn’t have inserted his DIL. Or is it just his need to control everything?

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^^^ The RNC wants to dump him but they fear him & he is also a control freak, so he’s hedging his bet!!!

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Although they are related, don’t confuse RNC/Republican National Convention with RNC/Republican National Committee. Trump wants his DIL to run the Committee.

While the Committee sponsors the convention, it is possible (although unlikely) for something unexpected to happen at the Convention. And it used to get pretty wild until the 1980s, After that, too many delegates were ‘locked in” in both parties and the Conventions just became infomercials.

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@zenvelo Definitely in the summer of 2024 is the convention. I specified “convention” in my details.

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^^ You did, but two of your posters seemed to take it as referring to the committee.

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Having the current POTUS run, Dem or Repub, has nothing to do with having that person as the nominee for the next election. Typically the POTUS is deemed to be the head of that party for the next election (if he/she is running). But not necessarily. If a POTUS was particularly horrendous (Biden) or brings a lot of baggage with them (Biden, Trump), it might be that the party puts forth and backs another candidate. The Repubs don’t have as much leeway in just putting someone in as the Dems. The Dems created a method by which they can pretty much put whomever they want into the election. Look at Hillary in 2016. Bernie was out performing her on pretty much every front. But she offered a deal to the DNC. She would give them a boatload of money they desperately needed if they would have all the “Super Delegates”, delegates not elected by any particular method, that were created to be able to give one candidate an unfair edge. They took her deal and suddenly she was literally unbeatable in the primaries.

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