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Why do I often wake up with a song stuck in my head?

Asked by thankgodforbeef (373points) September 27th, 2008

They’re usually totally random. This morning it was KISS. (And no, I don’t listen to a lot of KISS.) Is my subconscious mind less snobby or something?

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You subconscious wants you to rock’n’roll – rather than sleep – all night?
– but seriously, no idea, but it happens to me a lot too…...and if you think KISS is bad: I’ve woken up with Jason Donovan stuck in my head!!

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For the longest time i woke up with this in my head. I have no clue why(other than the obvious lyrics). Almost every morning for a couple weeks, just the first couple lines though. I dont even like that damn show.

Ive also woken up quite a few times with this in my head. Much more pleasurable.

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Maybe it’s Ron Howard.

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From what I understand, getting a song stuck in your head is caused by a glitch in the auditory cortex. The suggestion by the researcher, to get it unstuck, was to do some math. Unfortunately, sometimes I get it bad and nothing really works.. like one song constantly for a week or more. By the end, I feel like I’m being tortured and never want to hear the song again!

You made me think of one morning recently, where I opened my eyes, stared off into space for a few seconds to wake up, and then “IT’S MY LIFE, IT’S NOW OR NEVER” (Bon Jovi) went through my head. I am not a Bon Jovi fan and couldn’t even tell you how long it’s been since I heard one of his songs. It was a message from my subconscious, though. And totally random.

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hope you don’t get Rick-rolled tomorrow morning!
Oh no, now I’ve planted a seed…

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Maybe because your just a music lovin guy/gal and its better than wakin up with a fire drill in your head, right?

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