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Is Good Eats for kids?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) October 5th, 2008

Alton Brown’s show. It’s seems like Bill Nye for food. It can’t tell if it’s supposed be for kids. Why would kids need to know about food science?

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It is very much a “for all ages” show. The Bill Nye comparison is spot on. Alton is like the Mister Wizard for food. He teaches the science and history of cooking techniques and foods using fun skits, quirky humor, and puppets. It makes the information very easily digestible to both kids and adults. Whats great is how versatile a cook you can become by heading his advice, as he is not focusing the viewer so much on particular recipes as he is teaching how to properly deal with different types of food. I love the guy.

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My five-year-old loves that show. Me too.

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It’a a very informative show and interesting. I remember one show he did where he explained the reason behind each of the different shaped pastas; another one he did where he explained the difference between the contents of waffles vs. pancakes and why those mixes that claim you can make either with them don’t cut it.

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My favorite episode was about cheesecake. I don’t watch him a lot, but the shtick gets annoying to me, but he does know so much about food science. I watch when it’s something I really am interested in.

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he did a show where he roasted meat in a clay tray with a clay flower pot over it. very clever. he’s really interesting. i like the props and the characters – the whole thing is different than the average cooking show where you just watch the cook straight on as she mixes stuff up.

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i would say the show is for kids and adults. educational and interesting for kids, for sure, but great for adults who “need” to understand why or how food is prepared. when we see the science behind cooking, we better understand what it takes to make it taste “right.”

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It is for all ages. I love it, but so do kids. It lets you see the science behind the food in a more friendly, accessible way than America’s Test Kitchen (which doesn’t get into the science enough for my tastes anyway).

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