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How safe is it modding your iPhone?

Asked by iPhone007 (4points) August 19th, 2007

Just got an iPhone and was looking at some of the button mods. Currently downloading the step by step directions and software to mod the phone, but wanted to see what the feel was from others on modding the iPhone. -Thanks

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Every mod site will give you the disclaimer that you may brick your phone or void your warranty. Truth is, you can screw with it as much as you like...the restore process in itunes will always save your rump. I don't think I've heard any stories thus far concerning a permanently ruined iphone as a result of modification. Granted, people have run into problems...but the restore process gets you back to default.

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Barring freak accidents, there is no chance you will permanently damage your iphone. However, there is a fairly good chance that at some point, either through an apple update or because of screwy modding, that you will lose the information on your iPhone: your phonebook, texts, notes, etc.

As long as you have an independent backup of your stuff outside iTunes (like syncing contacts with outlook), you have little to worry about.

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I just used iFuntastic to add some ringtones. Worked great and was almost too simple. I was concerned at first as well, but the ease of use set my mind at ease.

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