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My kids keep saying that they see ghosts, should i believe them?

Asked by Ryanmiller (50points) November 2nd, 2008

For the past couple days my boys have been saying that they have seen there grandpa(my dad). The only thing is he died a year before they were born. They had such a perfect discripion of him its like they really did see him but they wont tell me absolutly anything he has said to them. I dont know if i should believe them or just take it as a joke.

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Hmm you should devise a test, perhaps they saw a pic of him, you should find a way to get them to say what he is doing but try to steer what they say to find out if it is real or not.

Also It may just be an incredible coincidence, there was this one time where the teacher was out and I said she was kidnapped by pirates to build a brick fortress in the sea. THE NEXT MIN a man with one eye comes in with a teacher and the teacher says we need to bring them into the design room!!!!! AND when we were in there there was a a design for a deep sea oil thing on the bored!!!!!!!! Creepy

The point of this is, it might just have been a lucky guess.

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yes, absolutly! If they have both discribed him perfectly and they have never even met him then their telling the truth. Try asking them questions like: if their grandpa doesnt want you to know what hes saying or if they are afraid to say it because they think they will get in trouble or even try asking them if there are “bad words” in it, that miht be why their not telling you. Dont take this as a shock because a lot of kids see ghosts when their younger, some grow out of it and some dont. it is more common in twins. me and my twin sister have seen ghosts since we were 4 years old. when we first told our mom she didnt believe us until we started to discribe some of the things we seen and heard. You may be shocked and worried when they start discribing some of the ghosts they see, easily put not everyone dies in a nice way.

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I’ve studied in these areas of expertise, or what I meant to say is I’ve talked to them, and I seen them, you should belive him or them, have them give you a accuarate discription and get back to me, I think I casn help in this.

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Oh, I absolutely would believe them, but wouldn’t be creeped out by it or assume anything bad. And I certainly wouldn’t push them to tell you what he said. Then they might be making things up, because the times I saw my dad, the communication was nonverbal.

Just ask them if he’s okay, and is there anything he wants you to know.

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I’ve been looking into near death experiences and stuff for a few months now, as a branch off from my interest in trying to get a satisfactory understanding of what consciousness is for myself, and then from NDE’s it lead into yet other things.. annnd, I’d say yes at believing them.

Unlike the posters above, I haven’t seen ghosts myself, but I know my best friend has been bothered by the spirit of her great grandmother, and I’m pretty convinced by certain paranormal experiences some people have reported. Altogether, I’d say it’s very probable there is something about, and also to not be alarmed by it. Children tend to be more attuned to it for some reason… maybe because they haven’t been too caught up in life and are more “open”. For further consideration, here’s another somewhat related (and more extreme I’d say :D) phenomenon involving children if you want

I’m not 100% on this, but there’s a chance their grandfather didn’t go into the tunnel. Or maybe he wasn’t convinced he was dead, or is too caught up in the material world to pass on… I don’t claim to be an expert, but it sounds like the people that have posted already might have an idea :D

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@toyhyena great documentary; thanks for posting.

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ok, along that note. my daughter and her siblings are seeing ghosts in my ex wifes house. the only problem is, it scares the hell out of her. it has been going on for a long time but now it happens at least 3 times per day. The other day i had to drive across town to get her out of the shower. What do i do about it? How do i help her. some people have told me to take her to a counseler, but they are going to tell her she is making it up. I dont think she is…all 4 kids have the same discription, and they all see them at diffrent times. She is only 6 years old and she needs help. What can I do?

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@spt77, what does your ex-wife have to say about having to deal with a houseful of kids who see ghosts?

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hi my name is donna I have two kids that have been seeing ghost for years. first it was scary then you kid of get use to it. my 10 year old has the most problems with it.I have taken my kids to counselers and they tell me they do not know what wrong. if you need someone to talk to let me know and I will give you my email address.

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I’ve had similar experiences. The first time was with my 3 y.o. son. He was playing by himself. All of a sudden he cried and screamed. I ran to the room and he was pointing to the closet frantically. I asked him what was wrong and he said there was a ‘monster’ in there. I brushed it off.. thinking it was just his imagination. Then last week something similar happened to my 2 y.o. daughter. My son is now 5. My daughter was playing in a room by herself. All of a sudden she cried real loud. My wife yelled at my son, thinking he did something to her. My daughter kept crying and my wife ran to her. My daughter was alone. My wife asked her what happened. She said a ‘monster’ tried to get her hand. It disturbs me that they both used the word monster.. to me, if there’s a spirit it means a bad spirit. I’m a skeptic but it happened twice. I’m not sure what to think. any advice?

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My youngest daughter told of seeing her grandfather after he died. I saw my grandmother about six months after she died. My middle brother saw a ghost numerous times in my parents home and later identified the man he was seeing from pictures at my grandmothers house. The man he saw….well he lived in the homestead my father had torn down before he rebuilt our home on top of the old foundation. The path that man was traveling when my brother saw him…was the path from the kitchen out onto where the old back porch once stood. In my parents house it was a hall into my brothers closet.
Tell your children there are no monsters and that they are protected by guardians at all times. Tell your children that if they are seeing a ghost to ask it if it has a message for them or needs something from them and what that is. Tell them that they can rebuke it as part of universal law…in child terms this means they can ask it to leave if it has no message for them and that they can just repeat this.

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While there’s no such things as ghosts, don’t ignore your children’s fears. Investigate!

When I was young, I would see my bed catch fire sometimes when I rolled around. I was terrified, and would run to my mom screaming in stark raving terror. My mom ignored me and sent me back to bed in terror, where I would lay frozen until I fell asleep.

It wasn’t until I was older that I learned what static electricity was…

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