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Would you rather be the beauty queen, the life of the party, or the shy genius?"?

Asked by wundayatta (58625points) November 3rd, 2008

Good looking, interesting or smart. What did you want to be when young? Why?

How has what kind of person you want to be changed over the years? What is your thinking now?

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Well, I was the shy genius, and now I am the life of the party and I am honestly happier as the life of the party. It’s fun. :)

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According to my mom, I’m all of those. :)

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hahaha, moms are great for that, aren’t they? :)

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something tells me we lurve each other a lot more than we lurve other people

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Correct! It’s what I call a FlutherCrush, and not to imply we’re not exclusive, but well.. I have many loves.

Just wait until Nimis shows up, talk about reciprocated lurve.

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When I was in high school, I was the shy genius. In college, I’ve been told that I was the life of the party, but I don’t remember any of it…currently, I’m the beauty queen; don’t touch my tiara, or I’ll claw your eyes out.
Livin’ the dream.

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Beauty queen for me, please. The other things are covered (they take turns).

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I have always wanted all three. I suppose most of my life I never wanted to be smart, because I already assumed I was smart. Recently I find that I’m not as smart as many of my peers (I suppose college can do that to you…) and so I want it more.

I suppose that if I had to pick one, I’d rather be interesting than anything else. But interesting in an intelligent and meaningful way—not just a someone looking for attention.

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@asmonet: I like that, FlutherCrush… it’s okay. I don’t mind being arm candy once in a while ;)

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combination is nice, life and soul of party but with an unexpected side. dunno what I am.

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@katawa: See? You are the beauty queen. Arm candy it up!

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I’m too nervous to talk, thanks…

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I just got some new arm candy.

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A Buddhist monk

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poof- Yum!

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All of the above.

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@knot: Thanks :)

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ahem, back to the question at hand. beauty queen – the beauty might not last. no matter how young and pretty someone is, there’s always a younger, prettier up and coming one to take her place.

shy genius is sometimes on those true crime shows as having been a closeted serial killer and nobody knew.

i would rather be the life of the party (which i am on occasion, when i am in the mood).

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I would have settled for any of those when I was younger.

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Life of the party, whoo hoo!! :D

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shy genius

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I have been all 3, simultaneously (sort of), as a teenager. The beauty has faded (a lot), and though I am not actually a genius, I’m close enough for my purposes. The shyness was and is a secret, that I’m able to bluff my way around. I can still be the life of the party, I just prefer not to party very often. Of the three, intelligence has served me best and I imagine it always will.

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That’s hard to say. I am all three, aside from being shy. (I am an an outgoing genius.)

I really wouldn’t want to give up my beauty, my personality, OR my brilliance.

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@GoS – lol, so I guess you’d be willing to give up your humility instead? : )

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Being a shy genius can be awfully painful. And being the life of the party can be exhausting, and too many people are only interested as long as you’re entertaining them. I’d rather be the beauty queen (handsome king) and just coast.

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lurve for honesty

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well i guess i am some kind of a shy genius. But i want to be the life of the party.

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I just want to be myself. Which leaves room to be anything on any given day.

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Hmmm, it depends on the situation, I guess. There are times when I just want to sit back and watch the party happen, while other times I just get a good thing going around me..

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i am… very nervous so im kind of…the shy genius….but i am not sure…

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