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Why do girls like kissing (so much more than guys)?

Asked by bianlink (164points) November 23rd, 2008

You can see this from a lot of the TV episodes.
For guys, kissing is more like a warm show to something else :-)

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Hey, wait a minute. I’m a guy and I love kissing and cuddling!

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You say “TV shows”; are you talking about watching other people kiss, or actually kissing? Because I love kissing. Watching not so much.

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Because TV shows are the definitive guide to human sexuality.

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I don’t know why women like kissing more than men but I, for one, am NOT complaining at all. I’ll take all I can get. :o)

And I’m a guy, by the way

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Also, I tend to like kissing (on the lips) less than my partners. I’m more of a biting nibbling kissing other places kind of girl.

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I am a guy and I kind of agree with this.

my girlfriend of four years loves making out and I do sometimes but it’s definitely not my favorite thing to do. I enjoy kissing but I guess it’s just not as fun as it used to be. She would be happy making out for hours on end (especially we get high together she always wants to just make out for hours on end) but I only enjoy it to an extent and she definitely gets a little mad if I don’t want to but it’s nothing personal…

i’m trying to think…but i really don’t know why though lol

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@Del, did you forget your tilde (~) to denote sarcasm?

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I lurve kissing and HUGGLES!

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I am with a few of the other guys! I love, love, LOVE kissing (for me, more then sex [sometimes.]) But I kiss boys, so I can’t really answer this question… how about, I don’t like kissing girls as much as girls like… kissing… girls?
Wait what?

My brain is numb.

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I’m a kissing cuddles kinda guy. I would take 12 hours of cuddling over 90 seconds of penetration.

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Oooh, I don’t think that’s so at all. In my experience, guys not only love kissing but really appreciate someone who does it well, with a lot of feeling.

TV shows are not an especially reliable source of information about real people’s behavior.

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going along with Jeruba’s response:
For example, according to TV, Richard Simmons is a great roll-model!
In reality, FAIL.

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On the first thing? Yes. The second was serious.

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I don’t think it’s that we* don’t like kissing as much as it is that men tend to switch gears faster than women.

So while a woman is generally warming up still, most guys are ready for more.


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it seems to me that women like to feel valued/cherished and men like to feel sexually irresistible. i think kissing shows more the first than the second.

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My male partner loves to snuggle way more than I do. Combined with your data coming from TV, you may be suffering from confirmation bias. However your question is not totally wrong. Many women like to be appreciated and flattered and a kiss is a great and fun way to accomplish that. Plus it increases the intimacy with your partner for a moment, which gives comfort.

It’s best to learn early on that almost everything portrayed on TV is utterly fake. High school is not like any movies or shows portray it to be, surgeons don’t all sleep with each other and have such perfect drama, and that magic infinite zooming security camera on CSI doesn’t exist.

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Guys like kissing if it might lead to lower kissing.

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My boyfriend is not really big on kissing. I think when we are making out he is thinking about something else, like what is next or what he wants for dinner the next day. I just know it feels like a chore. Maybe I’m a bad kisser but I highly doubt it. Either way it drives me nuts.

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@jp, does riser know? ;-)

I like to kiss more than my gf does.

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Oh, good, you all have it covered, ‘cause I was gonna SAY…! Guys like kissing a lot. Or so I have gathered from my informal 20+ year longitudinal survey of the subject.

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There are alot of guys in the world that do like kissing. but there are also alot of people just wanting to jump all the foreplay and go for gusto. but i really enjoy holding the girl, and kissing her. im not really a big fan the sex.

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I love the kissing as well. My wife and I make-out for a lot longer than we have sex, if you were to add it up timewise. I love-love-love great kissing sessions! We sneak away all the time and have quick little make-out times. It’s the best.

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I love to kiss :(

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Kissing is win. (courtesy of Asmonet)

@Kevbo: Nice to see you!

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Ha! Augustlan is win.

I actually get bored just kissing. Really fast. Especially if the kiss is too wet.

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One guy that I really, really liked otherwise and might even have thought about a long-term relationship with (this was way, way back when) had what he must have thought was a really hot kiss, with a whole lot of thrusting, making his tongue as hard as, well, as I guess he thought it ought to be, so that every time he did this I involuntarily pictured a knobby rubber-coated spike punching down my throat and choking me. I couldn’t help backing away. I never had the nerve to ask him “What in the world are you doing with your tongue?” Instead I quit seeing him, and he was apparently devastated and didn’t give up for a long time…years. I could never tell him it was because he kissed like a demon in hell.

Decades later, fate brought us back together briefly. He still kissed the same way, and I ran away for good.

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actually thats not true…i’m a gurl and i really dont like kissing…now cuddling thats a different story but what girl or guy doesnt love cuddling

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hahahaha!!! well I think it is not true that girls like kissing but they enjoy it…..period. It is more correct perhaps to say they enjoy it more than the man. Man on the other hand does not really like kissing…..what actually happens is that the man explores anything that can turn on his partner. Some have found that kissing does it well, so they will kiss anytime they want to get her turned on… And you will know if she enjoys it because she does the sucking more when she eventually turns on and her mouth temperature drops at that time…........

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I have to add that I love “welcome home, I’ve missed you so!” kisses. Those are sweet, passionate, urgent kisses that make me get fuzzy inside.

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