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At full stats? Very few machines can just almost pull it off right now. They are getting closer. If I were to read your question literally… many machines can run crysis at low or medium stats.
…and if you are talking about mac….lol

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Withthe new Core i7 CPUs that just came out, they made one that can run crysis at a constant 60+ fps. It costs $9000, has 3 ATI Radeon 4870X2 in it, 12gb DDR3 RAM, and the CPU is clocked at 3.73ghz.

My computer, a Core 2 Duo, clocked at 3.66ghz, with 8gb DDR2 ram and one HD 4870, can run crysis with everything maxed at around 40fps during non fighting scenes, but drops into the 20s and 10s when they insane combat starts. I only spent $1300 making my computer, and I am more than happy with the results.

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I think that all the discussion of Crysis has been so hilarious, and now, it’s this mythical zenith of computer performance. It’s the newest benchmark for PC’s. Is it even any good?

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One of the funniest Onion headlines I’ve seen is:

Nasa is using all it’s computing power to run Crisis. They are close to running it at full settings.

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The game is AMAZING! It is the most detailed game that I have ever seen in my life, and the gameplay itself is great. There’s both sneak and snipe combat along with face to face/ gun v gun/ hand v foot combat.

I just wish I could run it at a higher resolution than 1680×1050 b

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Wow Eambos, an actual review from someone who has successfully run it. That’s the first one I’ve seen that wasn’t in a magazine.

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You must first sacrifice your first-born child to the eleven-eyed god, Heulaugh.

Get back to me after that.

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System Requirements Lab is a good web site to check whether your current set up can play a specific game.

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My new laptop. Woo hoo.

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