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comcast, impression good or bad?

Asked by AppleGuy (1points) September 10th, 2007 from iPhone

What is your impression of comcast?

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The service is really expensive, but it’s fast. I resent having to pay almost 50 a month for broadband. I’ve also had major service issues with them, in that when I’ve had to have something fixed, or my connection down, it took them a long time to get to it, and their techs weren’t particularly knowledgeable.

If I could find a cheaper provider that offers better customer service, but with the same speed, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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After the inital setup problems (HD service and DVR). Everything has been reliable and the internet service has been fast.

They do some throttling at times though.

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its fast and also cheap if you can get a good deal. For example, my cousin pays $ 99 a month for internet, telephone and cable.

btw personally i use Optimum Online which has the same deal as comcast but their service is just so much better

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When it does work, it works pretty well. The second it breaks and you have to deal with their CSRs and techs, I’d get the hell out of there. I spent three months, without service with every tech they sent out (until the final outside contractor that fixed it in 30 seconds) lying to my face about the issue, and every CSR requiring I start back at square one with the troubleshooting process, until I finally lost it and blew up over the phone at them, thus landing me a fabled superior. I, of course, got charged for the three months of no service.

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I first developed a hatred of Comcast when I observed their billing (I don’t know if this still is true) was 30 days in advance. When I made a “late” payment, because they billed in advance, even though my payment was after the due date, it was before they commenced to provide me with the service for which I was paying. When they assessed me a “late fee” I called them and told them I refused to pay a “late fee” for services I had yet to receive, for which I was actually sending an advance payment. After their finally agreeing to waive that fee for the 3rd time (after calls to supervisors) they finally told me they would not waive the fee, so I told them to cancel the service and refund my last payment.

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Horrible, horrible, horrible. Dropped connections like a blind outfielder. A few months ago service was completely down and I happen to see a Comcast truck a few blocks away with a workman loading a ladder back into the van. I asked if he had just fixed it and he said he had no idea what was wrong, it seemed to fix itself, so he was leaving. ???? I’m looking into wireless.

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Modern Classic, your post does a disservice to blind outfielders everywhere.

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