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Does anyone know who makes crop circles that appear to be alien symbols?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) December 25th, 2008

I’ve always thought they were really odd, and I’ve never really had anyone fully explain what has been done to try and find the root of how these things are created.

I have also heard that some of the symbols put in fields are done by groups of people, but some circles have never had anyone to claim them. I’ve heard things like aliens and what not are just leaving signs, and there are all sorts of theories about them.

I guess I’m just asking for some input on what you think they might be, or where they come from.

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I would ask the person or being who made this one. I think they know something that they aren’t telling the rest of us.

In reality, I actually did see a documentary program on Discovery Channel or TLC (I can’t remember which) and it showed two men from England who took a couple of simple tools and made a large set of crop circles in about 30 to 45 minutes. It was very interesting.

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Gotta’ be Chuckie : )

Actually I have heard different theories, none proven. No matter what their cause, I’ve always been kind of fascinated by them.

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Many a Sunday afternoon I have watched the History Channel on this topic. Many theories concerning aliens have been disproven, but you never know!

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take a look at this one. It is suppose to represent Pi. Odd eh?

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Planks of wood, with a piece of rope, you hold the rope attached to both ends of the board, step on the board ahead of you pushing the crops flat.

Voila. You’re an alien.

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I can has 2k lurve?

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I’m hoping for 1337 so I can be leet.

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Here are a few others that are pretty cool to look at and appear to have a lot of work put into them:


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I should also add, I’ve made one using that method with some friends a tiny one but still, simple geometry, some lengths of rope for measurements, and a few hours overnight. Done.

You should all go find a math nerd to help you do this. Super fun.

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Asmonet- Quit giving away my secrets!

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I think its from the people of Roswell NM so that they can keep getting tourists…

i’m kidding btw, I wish I knew who did it to…

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Yeah, I figure it’s whoever is making a fortune off the t-shirt sales.

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@astro: Apologies!!

Just joshin’ guys, it’s totally the Asgard.

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I think you’re right, Asmonet! He looks VERY guilty! And very bulbous for that matter! And how in the hell does he eat without a mouth??

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Thanks for 2k lurve ya’ll, and some! :D

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Some people just have way too much time on their hands…..

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you know what I am curious about… are there any crop circles that aren’t perfectly measured. like maybe lopsided sometimes or somethin. I mean if these are drunken hillbillies half the time, you think that bad crop circles would be more common.

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Why do they always have to be circles? What about other shapes, or a message like “Repent!”.

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LKid, there are probably MANY like that but people assume those are fakes and don’t report them.

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Maybe, but for anyone interested in figuring that out, you would think it would be documented.

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@lkid: Generally, the people making them are intelligent people who want to pull a prank, or figure out how someone else did it. Or even just to be in on it, in my experience.

Besides, all you need to do to make it even is have someone stand in the center holding a piece of rope steady, you stand on the outside and circle them. Boom, perfect circle.

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It would be interesting to know how each crop circle was “discovered”. I suspect it’s “discovered” by someone who made it. And I wonder if people who make a shoddy crop circle are hesitant to report it the way someone who makes an obvious fake UFO film is hesitant to report that?

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Are crop circles man made or alien crafted?
I say ‘yes’. Some are hoaxes, made by the methods explained quite suscinctly by asmonet.
However there is another classification of crop circles that has some mystifying qualities. Stalks are bent in these circles at 90 degrees, without breaking. They are intertwined (not merely crushed flat) in rather elaborate patterns. They emit a higher than normal radiation. Some of them appear in a matter of 30 minutes or less. Crop circles, I believe follow the same pattern as technology. Some of it is alien, some of it is man-made, mimicking alien activity and production. Who knows for sure?

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A small percentage of them have been made by humans who are out to prove, they think, that we are able to make them ourselves.
But most of them , reported by farmers, were not there at night then appeared in the morning. Some feel strange things when walking inside them. And radar detectors pick up radiation inside them also. You would think that men would get sick and tired of being up all night making these things and simply stop but they keep appearing, esp in the UK.
Maybe it’s another civilization wanting us to know they’re here.
And maybe it’s George, Tony and Frank from the UK again with their boards and string. thump thump

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