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Space Aliens: Do you play games like "Destroy All Humans"?

Asked by HungryGuy (16002points) March 6th, 2010

Or do you find such games unpleasant because they teach us humans that aliens are all evil and want to conquer the earth? Or is there a hint of truth in these games (as if you would admit to that)?

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It’s not our games you have to worry about, it’s our porn.

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@Symbeline – Yeah! Especially those kinky sex stories about tying up women and using their bodies as pieces of furniture :-p

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I agree with Sym. Alien porn is not to be believed. I mean sticking a wijaddil into the fangstefll is sooo out there.

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I let my son play Destroy All Humans 2. Personally I think it’s mostly funny, kind of a send up of SF Hippie culture in the 60s. I don’t really think it reinforces an “all aliens are evil” stereotype, because it is after all just a game. And really, unless and until we made contact with alien life, where’s the problem? Personally, given the very distances involved in travel between any two places in the Universe where intelligent life forms could possibly exist, it would require an intelligence far greater than our own to have figured out these questions. I kind of figure if a race was smart enough to visit us, they probably would be intelligent enough to want to work with us and not take us over.

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On occasion.Just their thoughts.Nothing more,nothing less ;)

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Video game critics make the critical error of taking the content far too seriously.
It’s fantasy, humor and pulp nothing more.
The Destroy All Humans genre is a harsh critique of the douchiest amongst our society which is where it gets its popularity.

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@lucillelucillelucille – If the aliens turn out to be hostile, I know who’s help to enlist :-)

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Lol, as long as we do not take them seriously, it should be alright, right?

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By the way, I’m stuck on the mission where I have to defend that TV station. If I defend on foot, the military just overwhelm me. And if I get in my UFO and defend in the air, they shoot me down. And I can’t back away when I’m under fire, or they’ll destory the antennas. Any suggestions from anyone who’s got past that part?

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Removed by the Men In Black.

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Removed abducted by UFO.

All your cows are belong to us!

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If aliens want to eradicate you, you probably deserve it

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Foolish humanoids.The path of the furon is laden with Crypto’s conquests. Be gone with your feeble attempt at rercreating what we see as our inevitable impending triumph.Now where is my anal probe.

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[Aliens here]: We do have games such as those but we prefer to divide and conquer using real human beings. You don’t always see us and we try to remain incognito and many times it’s the thrill of the chase because you earthlings seem to be quite adept at fleeing from danger and finding hiding spots in the most convenient of places.

We readily admit that our Death Rays attract a lot of attention and we can’t just land anywhere we want because those cloaking devices you’ve seen on those laughable Klingon ships are non-existent. We don’t even have those where we come from and our ships are pretty big ones.

My fellow aliens and I hail from the Andromeda Galaxy and our inspiration for visiting you was being intrigued by everything we saw on your show “The X-Files”. That Special Agent Fox Mulder really seemed genuine in his pursuit to find out that ‘the truth is out there’. Well, I’m living proof of that truth.

While were on the subject too, let’s clear up a few misconceptions for the nonbelievers, shall we? First of all, we don’t all look like that long necked, huge eyed alien in the movie ‘E.T.’ or those hammer headed, tentacled freaks in the movie ‘Independence Day’. As far as pointed ears, bad haircuts, and oozing green blood, none of us are Mr. Spock reincarnations and there is no planet Vulcan. Nice try Gene Roddenberry. And before you ask, I haven’t seen a Klingon or a Romulan anywhere so don’t even try it.

This notion of us coming down to invade your planet and dominate your species makes about as much sense as expecting someone like George Bush (we heard a lot about this walking disaster area before we arrived) to be a competent leader…...of anything. Believe me, we feel your pain when we see this guy in action. I can’t even offer your species any advice on how to tolerate this person either because where we come from, we can all speak in complete sentences with actual working vocabularies.

You’re probably wondering if we’re going to share all of our advanced technology with you in hopes that you can save yourselves from a terrible demise at some unknown point. That might be a possibility but it will have to happen at a later time. We can’t concentrate on helping you right now because we’re laughing so hard at what you’re paying for a gallon of gas and how you’ve gotten yourselves so worked up over something called ‘global warming’. We use that term too but it only applies when we’ve all been drinking some Galaxian Ale and we all engage in a collective fart that heats up our whole planet in a fraction of a second.

Honestly though, we really do like it here and we’re going to stay a while. Thanks for making us feel welcome and we’ll see you around from time to time!

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It is not our video games or porn you should be worried about. It is what is on our menus that should uh oh

Attention: do not pay attention to that last remark. We come in peace. Move along, nothing to see here.

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It’s a cookbook!!!!!

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No. Actually we are beyond the gratuitous violence stage. When you can destroy a planet’s dominant life forms, and reseed the planet with new life, making ‘creation’ myths and such, why should we bother with shooting things? The life forms you call dinosaurs failed to follow our scheduled regime, so we wiped most of them out. Now we watch you. Your turn is coming, we warned you in your ‘Bible’ and in the Aztec calendar. Keep playing your ‘video games’ right up until your electrical grid goes down. Then we will see how well you do, since most of you have forgotten how to survive without it.

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@dalepetrie didn’t old world science invent the tall ship… the ones that landed soldiers to take over new lands…(even if someone was already living there” I can see aliens coming for our plutonium; like Columbus or Cortez for gold

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Haha, cookbook. How to cook for 100 humans.

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The Doctor is not evil! He likes humans. Especially female ones.

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@talljasperman – I’m not saying you have to be enlightened to understand and use technology, I’m saying this technology is SO advanced that I can’t imagine a civilization figuring it out and still being conquistadors.

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@dalepetrie famous last words…

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I love playing games like that. It allows you to live out fantasies you will never enact in real life.

I also enjoy the PC title “Evil Genius”. Everyone deep down wants to be like a Bond villan or dictator. Its just a fun release in which you can imagine a world where you have power or the advantage.

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Really? I never heard of this “Evil Genius” of which you speak. Sounds like a game I’d love! Gonna get it…

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Destroy all Humans 1 & 2 were fantastic games…. nah, i think aliens are fame game for the time being.

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