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Who is your favorite cartoon or comic character?

Asked by adri027 (1415points) January 8th, 2009 from iPhone

Either cartoon or comic. I love this comic it’s called liõ he’s so cute and it’s a funny comic. I wish this stupid phone could copy and paste.

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Donald Fauntleroy Duck.

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Calvin and Hobbes.

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Garfield :)

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I loved the Scrooge stories, but not the character of course. Always felt sorry for poor Donald. I’d say probably Donald was my favourite as a kid.

Later it was Bender from Futurama.

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Bugs Bunny has always been a big favorite of mine. They don’t make ‘em like him anymore.

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pooh and friends of

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Eeyore, snoopy.

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Norbert and Daggett

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Hank and Peggy Hill.

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Ethan or Zeke from Ctrl+Alt+Del assuming web comics count.

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Good ol’ Charlie Brown.

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I like the mom in Zits. The old Looney Tunes mouse Sniffles comes in a very close second.

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Calvin & Hobbes!!

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Do i really need to answer this?

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@uberbatman I’m going to guess something with rainbows and unicorns?~

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how did you guess?!?

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I’m smart like that.

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Sherman’s Lagoon

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Pearls Before Swine

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I will go with Rorschach or Ozymandias. They are from Watchmen. Ozymandias would be my my all time favorite, but his actions in the end just ruined it for me.

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Bugs Bunny onscreen, Calvin & Hobbes in the funny papers. Davan from Something Positive on the web.

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Captain Murphy
any character that gets drawn by Joe Maduera…
in fact I pretty much loved all comic characters based on look and art because I don’t really read comics haha

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Bugs Bunny (tv)
Opus the Penguin (newspaper)
Daredevil (comic books)

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<— Death. From Sandman.

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^^ as drawn by Chris Bachelo, one of my favorite artists ^^

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The Venture Family. And Dr. Killinger.

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Peabody the Dog and Sherman his Boy.

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every character in Mutts is my favourite.

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It’s between the Little Prince* or the Silver Surfer.
* I wouldn’t call him a cartoon per se. Maybe more of illustrated character?

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Charlie Brown, Earl & Mooch, Bug-Eyed Earl,
Milkman Dan & Karen, Opus & Bill the Cat…heck, I love them all.

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@uberbatman Link is not working for me. :(

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@uberbatman Haha…that is so undignified cute!
(I was actually bracing myself for unicorns and rainbows.)

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The Brain….
Pinky and the Brain

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@Nimis huh? Maurice LaMarche was Brain.

no i didnt just go take this picture to show off my Brain plushie :P

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@uberbatman The voice maybe. But look at the resemblance, man!
(1/2 lurve for having a Brain plushie and another 1/2 lurve for taking a picture of it.)

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@Nimis alright, ya got me there, there is a striking resemblance.

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Calvin and Hobbes by a long shot.

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@Alfreda – lurve for Angry Beavers!

I was going to say Rorschach, but since he’s been mentioned and I like adding variety, I’ll go with Michigan J. Frog since he was my favorite before I discovered Watchmen.

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Rat from Pearls Before Swine.

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Sooo many to choose from! Deadpool is ma man, Fry from Futurama, and there’s no way I can leave out the characters in Powers, my favorite comic of aaaaall time! Pretty much every character in that series was awesome… so yeah I have a few favs :P

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I have a few but I am definately with the Calvin and Hobbes fans on this one! I also love Leela and Bender from Futurama.


The Tick is my favorite cartoon character.

Poncho from “Pooch Cafe” is my favorite comic strip character.

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The original Walt Disney comics!

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