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Does anyone collect jellyfish stuff?

Asked by loser (15027points) January 9th, 2009
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Hmm.. I made a jellyfish stencil once. On that shirt there’s also a green, silver and yellow jellyfish further down.

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My daughter has a few stuffed animal jellyfish from a place we ate at in Nashville. It was a restaurant in a mall. The walls and ceilings were all one giant aquarium.

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Shameless plug?

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The Spongebob breakfast cereal has jellyfish shaped “bits” in it.

Incidentally, I found ants floating in that cereal one morning. I promptly stopped eating it not only because of the creep factor of dead ants floating in cereal (scarring, I must say), but because the ants told me something of the sugar content…

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It tooks ants to tell you something about the sugar content?
You know what they say, denial is the first step.
<—fellow sugar addict

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I have this.

Yes, it is okay to be jealous. When I Fluther I have a posse.

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This necklace is really pretty too.
@asmonet Do you sometimes feel like you are feeding Flutherers?

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@asmonet- I would buy that IF that music continuously played in the background.

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There are also these and these.

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Lots of cool jellyfish stuff in this thread. I might have to start collecting it!

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1,140 designs available on 26,500 products – all jellies! (Although I admit I did not check them all.)

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Someone should spoof those old bumper stickers.
I’d rather be Fluthering.

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i actually ran a search for jellyfish stuff on etsy. pretty overwhelming.

@nimis, i second that

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Please, please, please Andrew and Ben, listen to my dear Nimis and work it the hell out.
Car Magnets though.

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