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What was the 1st thing you did when you turned 18?

Asked by aisyna (963points) January 14th, 2009

Besided the smoking and porn and strip clubs what were you most excited about when you turned 18, i would have to say im excited i get to vote now, but i have to wait 4 years for a presidential election.

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I think I possibly had sex actually :) (like not for the first time, I mean it was the first thing I did)

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Got a tattoo I had been wanting for 3 years. It’s still very meaningful to me.

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Woke up and realized, “Great, life still sucks!”

lol, j/k. But I did wake up, so that was a bonus in and of itself! :O Haha Honestly I didn’t do much. I was just like, “Eh, thanks for the cake and monies. Peace, I’m out.”

>>goes read a book<<

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I jumped in and out of a public fountain eighteen times, and took artsy photos of it. We all look like we’re glowing. It’s epic.

Some of them are just pictures of black silhouettes against a fountain lit by golden floodlights and we’re slightly blurred frm splashing and playing. I love those pictures.

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Got my eyebrow pierced.

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The first significant thing I did after I turned 18 was graduate from high school 3 months later.

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I went to jail. They were waiting for me to turn eighteen.

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I bought cigarettes and porn.

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I lived in Maryland at the time, where the drinking age was 21. But, DC’s drinking age was still 18, so guess where I went? First legal drink!

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I moved out of the house.

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@Allie : That first wasn’t till was 21, the second why pay when internet is free.

aprilsimnel : I had forgotten that I did that too.

The eyebrow was on a whim half an hour before prom.

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@KingMalefic I bought the porn because I could buy the porn. Like.. why jump out of the car and run around it at a red light? Because you can! And it’s fun. =]

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Brother, go to bed. I can hear you coughing.

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@Allie : Good point. A pity I can’t go into two really great moments about that so many funny stories. Stories for another time, the birthday gift for a friend at college, and the Superbowl decision… Getting sleepy silly east coast time I miss west coast time.

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I like stories…

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@Allie : I shall tell at another venue another thread some time soon just remind me.

especially if you like lock stock and two smoking barrels.

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@KingMalefic I’ll do that. =]

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Woke up. Then breakfast.

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I bought lottery tickets and got my drivers license.

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lol @ Buster

What a birthday.

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@jessturtle23 ohh buting a lottery ticket is a good idea :)

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I can’t remember, so it must have been a lot of fun!!

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Removed by me.

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