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What's the largest age difference between yourself and someone you've "been with"?

Asked by onesecondregrets (2591points) January 25th, 2009

I’ll be honest, my biggest gap was 18 years.
I surprised myself with that one.
But while with him, he treated me better than some of the people closer to my age that I’ve been with, go figure.

Give deetz only if you feel comfortable.
Oh, and were you the younger or older person?

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I’m 28, and she was 15 years older. Just ended this morning. It went well for two months overall, but I’m grateful it’s over. (And shocked by it’s abrupt ending.)

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that means trustinglife is single ladies… he enjoys films and film making, is caring and thoughtful and believes in the good of people around him… get your applications in now ;)

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@Trustinglife Sorry to hear even though you’re grateful. I’m guessing she did the ending it? Eh, things fall apart so better ones can come about anyways. He ended it with me also, if that’s a comfort at all. And it was abrupt too, haha.

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I was 25, she was 44. Somehow she looked 30. It was radical while it lasted but she was crazy as phhhuck.

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I once dated a woman that was 20 years older than me. I was 29 at the time and she was 49. Older does mean more experienced in this case and the intimacy between us was very good.

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Yes, she ended it, hence the shock. I knew she wasn’t the one for me, but I was enjoying it.

Thanks funkdaddy! Ha… Applications accepted.

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@peedub same here. When he told me how old he was I was like “Excuse me what? No way.” Haha, such is life.
@Bluefreedom So true about the intimacy factor.

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@Trustinglife at first read I thought you said she was 15. I was like Zomg call the policeeee

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I’ve never experienced an age difference of more than three years. I’m still young though.

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I don’t think I’ve experienced an age difference of more than 5 years. Although, there was this one guy that I’m not entirely sure about a long long time ago. My husband is 5 years younger than me.

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Actually I just remembered, I dunno if this counts, but I once seduced a woman on alltel customer service and then had phone sex with her (her personal phone not altell phone).... lol ah she was 40 I was/am 23.

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I was 18, and she was 40 something.
She came onto me and tongue-raped my mouth whilst I was baby sitting with my ex.
My ex needless to say wasn’t impressed but let her get away with it since she was really drunk.
She was more bothered about comforting me and the shock I was in.

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My husband is 5 years older than I am, so that’s the biggest age difference I’ve ever had. This may sound harsh, but the way I feel anymore, I sure would like to hook up with a younger guy. Woof!

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^cougar alert!^

She’s 15 years older. 3.5 years & counting.

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7 years. We were both in our 20s, but I was older.

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+12 -8

Last year I was 35 and had a 23-y-old gf, and when I was 30 I had a 38-y-old. Both relationships were good, though we broke up for various reasons, none of which had anything to do with age.

I did break up with a girl 9 years younger because of age though, I wanted to get married and she was still too young and wanted to live her life.

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He was 12 years younger. We really didn’t have that much in common.

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<- Im only 6 and my wife is 48.

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In a 6 month relationship, he was about 30 years older than me.

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@AstroChuck What a cradle rocker your wife is, huh? You take the cake. lololz.

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When I was 21 I went on a couple dates with a guy who was 54. It didn’t really work out.

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Biggest gap was about 10 years (but I was a teenager at the time…looking back, ugh!). My husband is 9 years older than I am (he’s 50, I’m 41). The older you get, the less it matters.

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10 years. I’ve always had a thing for older women. ;)

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when i was 20 i went out with a 33 year old – it lasted three months.

when i was 30 i fooled around with a 49 year old. lasted two years on and off.

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My longest, serious relationship (5 years) was with a man who was 21 years older than me.

He had never married or had kids, and looked about 15 years younger than he was – he had just spent way too many years in school. It worked while it did because we were both in the same life stage, and I really learned a lot and did a significant amount of growing up in our time together.

He treated me like gold, but after awhile, our incompatibilities seeped through the cracks and I realized that it wasn’t sustainable without a major amount of compromise on my end. My life could have been very easy, but I just couldn’t do it. We parted as good friends with a lot of respect for one another, and to this day we still keep in contact. He’s a lot like family now and I’ll always be grateful for how much he taught me.

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When I was 27, I met a woman who was 33. Our birthdays were a week apart, so we decided I would age forward, she would age backward and we would meet in the middle at age 30. Unfortunately, it didn’t last that long.

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That was a very Benjamin Button-esque approach to your relationship. Stinks it didn’t last that long. You win some, you lose some I suppose.

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I was 16, he was 27. 11 years isn’t much, but the fact that I was 16 is what makes it gross IMO. It’s one that I regret.

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I was 22, and she was 59. She looks like a 40–45 max, was excellent in bed as well :)) I know it is a pretty big gap, but I won’t regret and IMO she neither.

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I 24, him 54. I know it’s a large gap, but it has been one of the greatest things that has happened.

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