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Mrs Gambit is upset because I wont pay $200 to see the Rolling Stones. Would you pay that much to see a band?

Asked by GAMBIT (3958points) January 28th, 2009

I told her I would drive to the parking lot and we could hear the entire concert for free. This didn’t go over well.

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I have paid that much &more! It’s a personal choice, but if it’s worth it to you, and Mrs. Gambit, go for it! Live music is such a blast!

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No. I think ticket prices have become insane. The Stones are not exactly in their prime in their sixties.

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I paid $500 to see David Bowie front and center.
Never regretted it for a second.

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In a second!

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@GAMBIT: That man is my music religion. The concert got sold out, and I bought them off one of those websites that resell tickets for insane markups, I was five feet away and rocking the fuck out. It was the closest to euphoric I’d ever been up until that point. You do what you gotta do when music is on the line.

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It depends on how much you like the band. I saw Paul McCartney for $150 a ticket, and it was awesome. But I’d never pay that for oh, lets say, Steely Dan. (shudder)

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I guess it also depends on how good the seats are. My guess is that for $200.00 they are probably nose bleed. I’d opt for the $500.00 mid center seats.

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It’s just as logical to spend $200 to see the Rolling Stones as it is to spend $200 to see Your Favorite Team play Your Favorite Sport. Everyone likes something, and we all deserve to do non-efficient things every now and then :)

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I’m sitting with Judi & Asmonet!

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And really, some bands don’t have a price.. at least not for me. If 1968 Elvis was touring now, I’d pay any amount I was asked. And I do mean any.

@bythebay: Heck yes! We’d be fun to go to a concert with all together. Drinks after? :)

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I think I will have to compromise. If I sit through the Stones. Next year she has to go with me to see Dylan but Dylan doesn’t always have good concerts.

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Thanks you everyone for the feedback.

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@asmonet: You know it sister-friend – woo hoo!!

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Are the tickets $100 dollars each or $200 dollars each? because really you will have to buy two. I definitely wouldn’t pay $400 to see the Rolling Stones.

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I would pay $200 to see the Rolling Stones if I could afford it. $400 makes it a major event.

I’m enjoying mid-day fluthering. I have no electricity today, office is closed, and I’m up at the coffee shop at the end of the street. Not a Starbuck’s

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I recently paid $350 for PHISH tix, and a couple years ago I spent $300 for a David Gilmour concert.

Im right there with asmonet…. sometimes there is no price. I would have cut off my pinky finger (on my left hand) to see Zeppelin in 1975 or a Floyd concert in the 70’s.

The Stones dont have too much left so its almost now or never

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@AlfredaPrufrock: Lurve for not being at Starbucks.

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I think I paid more to see the Police a year and a half ago. I’d pay that for Stones tickets. Yes. Yes, I would. There are about 10 bands I’d pay that kind of money for, but I’d do so happily.

And you have to buy her a T-shirt and beer, too. It’s a thing.

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I paid the same amount to see Billy Joel’s last concert at Shea Stadium this summer, we sat right on field. It was amazing, plus he had so many guest come out with him. I think if you are that big of a fan, and you will never get a chance to do it again you should go to do it!

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I’d eat barbed wire before I’d pay more than $20 to listen to a band of any kind. Absolutely not my bag, pro sports, same sentiment.

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Does Mrs Gambit have an income of her own? Just because you don’t want to see the Rolling Stones at that price (and I’m with you on that one) doesn’t mean that she has to stay home.

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Not for the Rolling Stones. I do shell out lots of money for concerts. The most I think I have ever paid is $350. It was Madonna in 2001 at Staples. Awesome seats. Great show.

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If I had it, I totally would!!!

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Not normally. I’ve only been to a handfull of concerts my whole life. My husband bought me $179 tickets to the billyJoel/ elton john concert. Very excited!

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Where the heck is the Rolling Stones playing anyway? I looked up their website and couldn’t find any future concert dates.

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Despite the cost, Judi is intrigued. lurve.

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My Brother in law is having his 60th Birthday next week and we would LOVE to take him to a Stones concert!

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That’d be awesome!

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—but where are they @GAMBIT ?

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Wait! Asmonet, I think I see you! Come downn!!!

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@Judi – Hi Judi, they haven’t announced when they will be touring North America again. I just think it will be way too expensive for us to go but it seems that $200 isn’t an outragious price.

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@cwilbur – We only have my one income.

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I would not pay $200 to see The Rolling Stones, if I want to see a bunch of Zombies, I’ll rent Night of the Living Dead. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of The Rolling Stones, but honestly they should have hung up their instruments years ago. I might consider paying that much to see The Who, but Keith Moon would have to be playing drums.

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I just looked at an email from Live Nation. Hall & Oates tickets at Irving Plaza in NYC for $148. Irving Plaza’s façade and and lobby are nice, but the room itself? IS A DUMP! It’s a place where newish bands and low-mid level indie acts come to play. OK, $148 to stand in a dump for 3 hours? The last show I saw there was Wire and it was FREE. 90% of the shows I go to are for new bands these days because the big names want so much money. The most I’ve paid for a show is $100 for an all-day festival, and Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem were the headliners.

If Daryl and John are looking for more money, they’d better sell M-E-T-H-O-D to another rapper! Thhhpt!

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if elliott smith sat up and climbed out of his grave to perform, i would certainly pay $200 to see him.

i might also cough up an extravagant price if kurt cobain or nick drake did the same.

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lurve for nick drake

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live music is amazing. depending on the band/line up is to what you would pay a ticket for.
i recently went to a festival over new years called falls festival. it had the hives, franz ferdinand, gomez, the kooks, the cat empire & about 65 other bands and i paid $280 for my ticket. i saw about 40 different bands for $280. each had a 1 hour set. thats $7 per set. some of the bands there you would pay $70+ a ticket.

if blink 182 ever got back together & toured australia i would pay up to $500 for a ticket.

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Blink 182 broke up? Wow, I’m slow. XD

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@helso, blink got back together. (:

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@mangeons – blink 182 broke up liek 4 years ago man!

@tiffy – yeah i know. i was reading bout it the other day and saw it on the grammys. cant way to they tour!

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no i jus go in with a big crowd of people and i never get cought

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I just paid $350 each for 6th row center at Jersey Boys. Worth every penny!

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