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A friend and I are thinking about taking a road trip to Atlanta, Georgia (this spring). Has anyone ever been? Sites/places to vist that you'd recommend?

Asked by Jude (32098points) February 5th, 2009
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There is a cool neighborhood in Atlanta called Little Five Points. There is a several bars, restaurants, shops, and clubs in this area. Stone Mountain is pretty impressive too. Its pretty close to Atlanta.

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@buster I was just about to suggest Little5. Its a great area

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Go to the aquarium.

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What’s your starting point?

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It’s my hometown, tell me more about yourself and I can suggest things from there…
There’s just a ton of stuff. If you can give more specific dates I can prob give you some better suggestions as well.

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I was a tourist there four years ago. What I liked a lot were the botanical gardens and the modern-art museum, it’s excellent.

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I used to live there for a very short stint, it never grew on me. Most definitely Little Five Points, Buckhead has some nice areas too, and then there’s the Underground of course.

Dunno, I never got into it though, as a matter of fact, I felt so unhappy there that I decided to quit my job after only five months to move back west.

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Little Five Points and Buckhead are both really cool areas like every said. The High Museum of Art has good visiting exhibitions, but the permanent collection is so-so. The Coca-Cola factory is a big tourist spot, and the aquarium is pretty good too. I would also check out the Varsity for dinner (it’s by Georgia Tech). The food isn’t great, but the whole thing is about the atmosphere. If the weather is nice, go to Centennial Olympic Park as well. Which way are you driving? There are some really cool places along the way that I know from driving from St. Louis to Atlanta. If you’re willing to go about 30 to 45 minutes away, I would go to historic Buford (near the Mall of Georgia). There are some cute little shops and restaurants and such.

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if you are looking to do tourist things get ten citypass, it’s a 5 day ticket to all the major sites (coke, CNN, high art museum, zoo Atlanta, botanical gardens and so on)

if you are a civil war person check out stone mountain and the cyclorama

if you are into alternative things check out the shops in little 5 and Decatur.

if you shop or like trendy things buckhead is your place. it’s where all your celebrity friends are.

in roswell you have some great family parks and hiking trails.

if you have a puppy bring it to peidmont park, it’s atlantas take on central park, but no where near as big.

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i live in atlanta
and yea deff little 5 points is amazing
also check out the masquerade, its a small music bar
you should also go to the underground railroad station, its fun

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