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Would you mind being a pet to a race of super intelligent aliens for a year?

Asked by mrswho (1690points) February 17th, 2009

This question was posed on the big-bang theory and it needed fluther discussion. As their pet you would have to give up a certain ammount of privacy and liberty, but you would learn a lot, be taken care of, and get your tummy rubbed.

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Probably not. I like being human way too much and I wouldn’t want to part with my privacy, liberty, individuality, and uniqueness for even one year. Besides, being gone for that long, the world would miss me too much and the super intelligent aliens probably couldn’t teach me anything that I don’t already know.

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do they probe my anus? ‘cuz that’s right where i draw the line – anal probes. it’s not the pain so much as the lack of respect.

also: what are the snacks like? earth food – or is it weird alien food?
and also important: do they put a hot chick in there for me to mate with? because 1) that’d be cool and 2) i don’t want her to see the anal probes and get the wrong idea.

so, no anal probes + hot chick + human food = yes.

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Would I have to eat Purina People Chow? That would be a deal breaker.

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Uhhhhh…I always thought we were the science experiment of some failing high school aged alien anyway…...

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I’d absolutely mind. Even if they were more intelligent than I am, I’m not so unintelligent that I’d be alright being someone’s pet.

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Wait a minute. Are these alien smoking hot? I think i could handle it if we’re talking Amazon women from another planet. I’d even put up with the Purina People chow.

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Not if they planned to “fix” me.

Combine free room and board with a substantial probability of mating, then ok.

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I’m not very domesticated.

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@AstroChuck i think that movie was on Cinemax last night, around 2am…

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It doesn’t sound too bad to me. If the aliens were to treat me like I treat my cats I’d be spoiled, fat and happy. I’d get the best treats and the best toys. Of course, we’d have to work out what sort of physical contact I would allow. My cats do that too.

Plus, it might do me well to be humbled, to have my will taken from me. Some say there is a comfort in complete surrender. Just a thought.

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No. Lack of liberty would be emotionally chafing to me.

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Would this involve the Planet of the Amazons by any chance? Hmmm….
Not if they left me in a hot spaceship while they went shopping.

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I totally want to come back as a house cat someday. Like tinyfaery said, if it was at all like that I’d do it!

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If I am going to be the pampered pet of aliens, I want it to be for the rest of my life. Can you imagine coming back to earth and when people ask where you’ve been, you tell them? That’ll get you put in the funny farm pretty damn quick. But you know, we have a tendency to neuter our pets when they get too troublesome. What if I have a bad day, are my alien masters gonna neuter me? And what if they are into ‘people’ you know, sexually? Won’t that be a little weird?!

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OK, if the aliens were in any way, shape or form like the current Doctor?

And there’d be tummy rubs involved?


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@aprilsimnel HECK YES! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

His companions sometimes come off as pet like, actually. He’s just so brilliant/dashing and superior to everyone its like comparing a human to a naked mole rat. He keeps them around to stave off loneliness, (like people do) and lives tons longer.

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