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What are your thoughts on the sounds people make when having sex... are you a screamer?

Asked by pigpen (154points) March 5th, 2009

Im having trouble with an SO that doesn’t make a single sound, and its driving me crazy

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I wouldnt say screamer, but i do make sound whilst doin the nasty. She is however and its extremely hot :)

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wow. i would HATE having that problem.
screaming gets annoying after a while, but i would say i’m a screamer, and most men enjoy that.

and with your SO, try to get them to be a little louder. be kinky. and i mean real kinky. make them SCREAM! scream yourself if you have to, maybe that’ll help. read up some crazy kinky tips to make them go crazy.

and if that doesn’t work, you need to let them know and ask them if they’re enjoying it. and tell them to get more into it. hey, maybe they’re not as experienced as you.

there’s always that possibility

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Some people are brought up not to make a fuss about things. Some people are embarrassed to make noises. That doesn’t mean they aren’t having a really good time.

Ya’ll could talk about it, and find out what’s going on. Just don’t make him feel like you are criticizing him. You won’t find out what you want if you go about it the wrong way.

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I prefer normal moderate moaning. It can get a little louder during the climax, of course. I don’t like much more than that- Super porn vocals are too distracting and seems fake to me which is a total turn off. I once had an evening fling with a guy who exclaimed, “There’s a girl f****** me!” periodically through the act. Embarrassing! Just stfu and get it over with after that…

I’ve got to stop answering sex questions… it’s all I’m getting these days.

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EVeryone had his or her own involuntary vocalization. I would have objected very strongly to a voice coach back in the day. I have been with moaners, squeakers, a single moan moaner, and almost silent except for a small grunt. I don’t think that it is programmable.

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I’d take any kind of noise over silent sex anyplace/anytime

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I used to be quite vocal, but with a toddler in the room next door…we’ve got to keep the noise down or we’ll wake him up. It’s far from silent though. That’d be weird.

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If my sex partner has a pulse (and all of them have had one so far), they better have a voice too. I’d like to think that we’re both giving and receiving pleasure while we’re bumping uglies and auditory clues demonstrating that are certainly satisfying. If I think my intimate experiences are bordering on necrophilia, I’ll have to make some serious changes to that situation.

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I hate it when she screams, especially in a motel. I figure the police will crash down the door any minute.

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I am not a screamer, sometimes though, depending on who i’m with and how comfortable I am…I am incredibly articulate.;). Other times I am fairly quiet.

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I don’t scream-scream, but I definitely moan and breathe heavily and pant and squeak (it’s not really squeaking, but I can’t think of a better word)... I definitely do vocalize, but I rarely actually scream. It can be loud and intense without screaming. I hate it, though, when a guy makes no noise. I can’t tell if things are going well, if he’s enjoying himself, or if I’m doing the right things. I find this particularly true when I’m going down on a guy or I’m in the dominant position.

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just like anything in sex, you can have “not enough” or “too much”. To be honest, I do not make a sound. I’ve had girls that either talk or scream, and except for one case(where it was too extreme and turned me off), it’s all been good. A girl I used to live with for 3 years did not make a single sound, or move. Sometimes I wondered whether she was even breathing. But our relationship was good overall and I liked the sex despite of that.

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I make more noise during a one-hour full body massage than I do in fifteen minutes of sexual activity! LOL!

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