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What should I see & do in Jerusalem?

Asked by gregc (63points) March 19th, 2009

I have one and a half days to sightsee there as part of an upcoming business trip. I’ll definitely hit the obvious religious attractions but would welcome any suggestions for lesser known gems, great neighborhoods to check out / hang out in, and good food.

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Here are a couple of suggestions. The street Emek R’faim has some good restaurants that are frequented mostly by locals.

If you like archeology, the Israel museum is really really great. Lots of fascinating stuff there.

Also, in the Old City, be sure to visit the Arab Shuk (market). It’s really a fun experience. Don’t be afraid to bargain.

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Depends if you will ever have a chance to go back, what kind of a “believer” you are, if you are male or female and how physically fit. You can sight see – for that you can look in any tour guide. Or you can try to walk through all four quarters to really get a flavor for the situation and why these people are always angry at each other. Star of David flags taunting in the Arab quarter, Palestinian flags taunting in Jewish quarter, Christian icons in all quarters. If you get a chance to talk with a Druid, do it. They are the most open and will let you right into their home. Don’t express an opinion of any sort except to priase the food or drink you are offered. Keep everyone guessing. Oh, and if they ask, you’re Canadian.

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