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What can I do to ask a good question that Fluther likes?

Asked by please_not_to_ask2 (209points) March 22nd, 2009

I suck.

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Start with reading this.

And welcome.

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@please_not_to_ask2: Did you verify your email? If your question gets pushed to editing, you’ll get a reason for why.

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Also, the best questions on Fluther are the ones that are either legitimate requests for help, or questions that are wildly creative or provoke thoughtful discussion.

Simple polls, and questions such as “where are you?” we tend to push back to editing or steer toward the chatroom.

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Fluther is generally here to answer actual questions you have, as well as get feedback on issues that don’t have a clear cut answer.

In my mind one should not strive to think of good questions, but use Fluther when a good question crosses your mind (and Googling does not give you the answer).

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