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Do you believe in celebrating anniverseries?

Asked by kenmc (11763points) March 22nd, 2009

Like birthdays, wedding dates, and the like.

I’m one to look forward, but presents are always nice.

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I think I do. Don’t really see anything wrong with it. The cool thing is that my parents’ anniversary is also my birthday. Lots of celebration going on.

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Yes, if only to have a focused thing to celebrate, so many things should be an excuse to celebrate and not with gifts so much as some kind of little motion or ritual that reinforces why it’s good to still be alive.

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@VzzBzz Well why not just celebrate for it’s own sake? Why does one need to have a reason?

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I just saw the play “Crave” last night and one of the lines was something along the lines of “I believe in anniversaries, I believe that a feeling of a certain time and certain place can be re-created…” or something much like that, but I think that’s how I feel.

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yea, we sometimes celebrate stupid ones like 8 1/2 months.
and the Xth day in a row weve had sex. lol

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@boots that’s what I meant but it didn’t type out that way- oops

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Yes, we celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. Not with presents (well, i almost always get a present on my birthday) We usually go out to dinner for our anniversaries. We celebrate our love:)

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I think they’re fun. For some reason I have a visceral reaction to the word “anniversary” (:gag:). No idea why.
Thus my first boyfriend and I substituted that word with plane ticket. I think it was the closest object to us at the time.

“Happy plane ticket!”

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@A_Beaverhausen Celebrating sex is acceptable.

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@casheroo Why couldn’t you do that on other days, though? It just seems silly to me to dedicate a day to something that should be continuous.

@aviona anniversary anniversary anniversary!

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acceptable? id say necessary.

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@boots because S: (n) anniversary, day of remembrance (the date on which an event occurred in some previous year (or the celebration of it))
That’s why I celebrate it the same day each year….

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I’m virtually puking on you, boots.

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Well, my wife and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversay at the end of this month, so yeah, I think we believe in that. The traditional gift is china and the modern gift is platinum, but since I am not incredibly wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, I bought her a genuine pearl necklace instead of either of those two things. She already has all the diamonds a girl can stand. Two rings and two sets of ear rings.

We aren’t traditional in any sense of the world anyway, but we do celebrate the happy milestones. I can’t believe she’s stayed married to me for twenty years. The woman must be a saint!

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Yes, I certainly do believe in celebrating anniversaries. Mainly because if I forget my wedding anniversary, my wife will take her revenge on me when I’m most vulnerable. Like when I’m sleeping.

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@Bluefreedom I could understand not wanting to be attacked.

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How could you not “believe” in celebrating anniversaries? Clearly, the concept of “celebrating anniversaries” exists. People do it. There are cards for it. If you don’t “believe” in it, you’re in big denial because it has been proven to be an existing concept.

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Yes! I love celebrations! I like celebrating my friends or that I’m in love or whatever else there is to celebrate. I think I just like life. I view birthdays as a celebration of the fact that someone is alive and because I am thankful for that person, they are very important.

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I like to have a date in mind for celebrating things. I wouldn’t be upset if someone forgot the date, but I would like to have some type of “starting point,” you know? Hell, it could be a whole month…just something to tell the kids some day…“Honey, your father and I met one cold day in December, sometime around the middle of the month”... Just sounds better than saying, “Honey, we have no idea when we met.”

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@girlofscience Of course the actual concept exists. I otherwise couldn’t talk about it if it didn’t. The idea of what I was saying is that actually celebrating anniversaries is a choice. Why not just celebrate the day you’re in?

@jeanna A starting point is fine. I just find the idea of being forced to celebrate a date to be silly. I believe if you feel love, then it should be celebrated when you feel it. :)

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@boots I understand. I am all for celebrating love every day, it just feels nice to know of a starting point…I like the idea of being able to say how long the relationship has been. I don’t know. I mean, what’s the point of celebrating birthdays, then? What’s the difference in the two?

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@jeanna there really isn’t. That’s why I included them in the more section of the question.

And we have December 12th.

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@boots But you do celebrate your birthday, and those of others, yes? So why? Do you feel obligated to do so?

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@jeanna It’s totally an obligation. And I do celebrate because as I said above: I like presents.

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I used to put little worth in marking the calendar with beginnings (or endings) of things, but now I wish I’d paid closer attention. I forget sometimes how long my partner and I have been together. I have no idea how old the dog is. I can’t remember when I moved out of my childhood home, or what year it was that my grandfather died.

This year, I’ve been trying to make an effort to write everything down in our wall calendar, like my mother does. She updates things with the years since on her own calendar, every year (9 yrs in this house today). It’s not so much the celebrating of them that is important, but that I DO SOMETHING to make the year-mark stick in my memory. So much of my life thus far is a jumble, and I’m starting to blur the series of events as a whole.

Long story short… I celebrate them in my own little way, but it’s not the celebration that’s important, but the cementing of important chronological facts into my memory.

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@3or4monsters If wanting to remember a date is important to you, that’s one thing. I just find it odd to feel forced to celebrate something because the earth is in the same place around the sun as it was when something happened to you.

Wanting to keep something in your mind is different, imo.

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