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What would you not eat?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7804points) March 23rd, 2009

i’m watching a special on the travel channel and there is actually a demand and market for snail eggs or escargot. people: snail eggs? do you see how this slime lives? i mean, they make love all day to produce the fruit, but c’mon!

from caviar to crickets to ants to asparagus or broccoli or liver, what in the world would you NOT eat no matter the social setting. seems like everybody else is enjoying it, but why in the hell why?

what do you eat that will gross out everybody? why do you think it is so good? what is so good about it?

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Balut. Not on your life will I ever eat that disgusting crap.

I also hate eggs and I don’t picture myself ever trying something like escargot, crickets, frog legs, caviar, or anything “gross”. I’m easily grossed out, so no thanks. As for something weird that I like, I can’t really think of anything. I know, I’m uninteresting…. :(

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Kathy Bates.

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Rocky mountain oysters. The meat is very tender.

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Just about ANYTHING Andrew Zimmerman eats on his travel “food” show…. from pig anus to Bull testicles… ewwwww!!

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But I still like to watch his show!

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Eyeballs = never!

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@creativejuices I love watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. He eats so many things that I just don’t think I could stomach.

I really don’t eat anything that would gross anyone else out, I do hate oysters though. You can’t get me near those!

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Live bugs or spiders, fear factor style. Hell to the no.

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chitlins or chitterlings or pig intestines. same thing. same nasty.

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It’s funny, I’ll eat wiggly seafood like oysters, but no land-based wigglies. No chitlins or balls of any kind or headcheese. Nothing gelatinous from a land mammal. I don’t eat kidneys or livers or hearts, so pâté and liverwurst are right out. No insects, either. I forbid them on my plate, though I tried a grasshopper dipped in chocolate once. Ugh. And that balut business is not at all appealing.

But I love clams and scallops, lobsters and oysters. Go figure.

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Radishes are the devil’s vegetable!

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would anybody do weeds or dandelions or flowers? i think i’d eat a lilac. and since i cook, i do things like basil and rosemary and thyme and bay leaf. weed is good.

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I’ve even violet-flavored candy… :P

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I once saw a show on the Travel Channel or Food Network or something where they were in Asia somewhere and here’s what the hell they did: At the restaurant you pick your own snake which the snake wrangler kills for you. As they’re preparing it, they bring you it’s beating heart as an appetizer and a shot glass full of it’s blood to drink. Then, they bring you it’s stomach, complete with bile and everything, in a glass of some sort of liquor and you drink that. Then, you eat the snake.

No thanks, I’ll just have a smoothie.

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I’ve eaten wild plants. I’ve had dandelion salad, too.

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@Marina Rocky Mountain oysters are actually really, really good. I know that it sounds disgusting, but they’re mighty tasty when fried up and served with cocktail sauce.

I feel like I’m willing to take a bite of just about anything. The second bite though, depends on the first.

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I’ve tried Beluga Caviar and it was like eating salty, fishy Jello and it was really disgusting. Never again. I also hate the taste of peas and just thinking about eating them makes me uncomfortable. I’ve tried liver and that is another thing that I will never eat again because it tastes so foreign and unappetizing to me.

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I’m pretty much not down for eating internal organs.

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@Bluefreedom…lurve for “salty, fishy Jello”. You described it to a T.

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Sorry, ladies.

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If I were starving, I doubt I’d be very fussy. As long as I can be fussy, I pretty much avoid anything with woggly parts.

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greens, squash, burger fixings, salads

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@charliecompany34 – I like begonias buds. They’re sour and delicious. At least I think that’s them. I won’t eat pork. I will not eat shellfish. I will not eat any kind of live insect/arachnid.

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@KatawaGrey – I most definitely understand the Radish hatred!

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I like fishy, salty Jello, personally. I also like dandelion greens, pine needle tea and other wild foods. However, I cannot eat anything whose heart is still beating, and although I love to eat members of the Crustacea, the rest of the Arthropoda leaves me cold. Organ meats are generally fine by me, but I haven’t done well with eyes.

And I refuse to eat poi. Blecchhh!

@Jeruba – Woggly parts?

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Thanks to my tooth extraction this morning…pretty much anything.

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I’ll try anything once, within reason, but I draw the line at bugs and spiders. Also, liver is nasty, and other internal organs are pretty much off the menu. Same with oysters and all types of crustaceans, including lobster and shrimp. I will eat crab legs though, so go figure.

What I will eat is simple, pretty much any sort of wild game, baked turtle is especially good, snake, alligator, beaver tail, and I’ve always wanted to try horse, just to see what it tastes like, but unfortunately, it is illegal to buy it in this country.

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@asmonet ah, well you’ll be healed up in no time and eating like you are used to. Glad your extraction went well!

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Human flesh, eyeballs, really any part of a human. Not so into the cannibalism thing.

Not really into the creepy crawly bugs either. Or snails.

Hmmm, I dooo love asparagus,but I think a lot of people do. And pickled beets. And I eat my artichokes with ketchup.

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@aviona Very interesting. I love artichokes and I’m known for putting ketchup on anything, but I’ve never combined the two.

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i am a vegetarian, but if i was on fear factor there isn’t anything i wouldn’t eat!
(ok ok, MINUS human flesh uuggg)

but i do find danish pickled herring gut wrenching! (which is one of the only foods that i have tasted that i truly cannot stand)

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and i fucking love Andrew Zimmerman! i want to be his apprentice!

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I love pickled herring. Also herring and onions in sour cream, herring in wine sauce, rollmops, Schmaltz herring, and Matjes herring, and anchovies, and sardines, and schelvislever (fish liver packed in oil), and Monk Fish liver nigiri, and Lox and Nova, and oh, so many salty, fishy, smokey, sweet, vinegary, preserved fish and fish parts.

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ok but there are 2 kinds of pickling processes the danes use sugar in their picking (where as most people only use vinegar). the plain vinegar one is ok, but the danish one aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

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I like it sweet and I like it not sweet. I like it salty, I like it vinegary. Danish, Kosher, German, Dutch, or even Japanese, I simply love pickled herring. Oooh! And kippered herring!

However, I’ll pass on lutefisk and gefilte fish. Ah, but my mother’s Finnan Haddie!

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haha nice.

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@charliecompany34 I’ve eaten flowers. Not so terrible, kind of bitter in the stem part sometimes.

I would not eat veal. Ever.

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–adjective, -gli⋅er, -gli⋅est.
1. gelatinously wiggly, slimy, and disgusting: the woggly parts of an undercooked egg.
2. undulating; loose: the woggly hanging-down parts of the underside of an older cat.
1955–60, Jeruba’s family, East Coast.

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On the top of my list has to be SPIDERS!

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@Jeruba – Thanks. A new term for me. Very appropriate in my mind for the hanging down cat bits.

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@Darwin, I used to tickle my old cat’s pendulous tummy as she walked by and ask, “How’s your woggly parts?”

In sense 1, it’s good not only for the still-gelatinous bits of egg but the dangly bits of chicken in your fried rice, little viscous droplets of any liquid substance found anyplace they don’t belong, and anything else that’s a thick, shiny, translucent and disgusting bit of glop attached to or astray in something, such as pendant fat on a bit of stew meat.

Doesn’t every family have its funny original words? How did you ever manage without this one?

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@Jeruba – My daughter just calls all sense 1 items “squishy bits” and we use a term my brother came up with for cat tummies: “water belly.”

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@Darwin, they are certainly squishy! But a lot of things that are squishy (such as toasted marshmallows) are not also gelatinous and disgusting. So they’re not woggly. Woggly things shudder when you touch them. That’s because they disgust themselves. In sense 1.

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@Jeruba: Marshmallows may be squishy, but they aren’t “squishy bits.” The addendum “bits” implies an abnormal or disgusting state of something that others consider edible in its entirety but actually needs parts removed

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I see. Then I think we have synonyms. Excellent!

Raw oysters consist entirely of woggly parts.

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@Jeruba – Yes (to the raw oysters)

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I think I’ve become more interested in the side conversation between you two than the original thread. Shame on you both.

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You mean we’re not on topic? Isn’t this about words? Uh-oh, I thought everything was about words.

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And besides, it’s words about food someone won’t eat.

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Oh no, do continue on. I have a bowl of soup and tea and I need some entertainment. :)

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I hope your soup has no woggly parts in it, @asmonet. Look carefully.

When I was little it used to take me a long time to eat, partly because I had to inspect things for woggly parts and find and remove them. Of course, I also had to make little sculptures and separate things into their components and so on. Didn’t you? I remember my father getting very upset when I flattened my mashed potatoes out and smoothed the top over and then cut it into neat little squares like bricks and built a latticed wall and carefully placed my peas in the spaces, one by one. Wouldn’t you think he’d have paid me a compliment?

Not eating works of art. I think that’s on topic.

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I used to compulsively smooth potatoes and I would make volcanoes, with butter or gravy lava. I made bricks a few times too! But the indent for the volcano had to be just right so that the filling would spill down realistically. I think I would have signed you up for a sculpture class. :)

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Volcanoes! yes!!! And little landscapes with rivers and tiny pea-ple. Someday when you’re a parent, @asmonet, I hope you remember that you said that. :)

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I’ll try my bestest. But s/he better eat the damn architecture too.


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