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Can anyone tell me how to handle Flat Stanley's Visit when I don't travel at all?

Asked by Jaybee (220points) November 12th, 2007

My dear cousin decided to elect me as the one who Flat Stanley will visit and travel with (for her son’s 3rd grade class.) But I don’t travel anywhere and have only been to a wedding since I was elected. I feel bad for my cousin’s son since he says all the other students have received so many correspond item from their F.S. and he has had only one. ( I pretended to take Stanley to the wedding…) I have a full schedule of my own but feel very guilty about not handling this subject. I should have never been elected without being asked first but now that it’s a done deal I have to find the easiest way to get as many Flat Stanley corresponds sent so he doesn’t feel left out. whew…. help.

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I helped out with a Flat Stanley visit recently and for that class it was NOT about traveling, it was about showing Stanley the place you live. We took him with us for regular daily activities around the city and took pictures of him/us in front of local landmarks, including the subway, etc.. I suggest taking him to work with you and whatever else you do for a day. The kids in the 3rd grade class will benefit just as much from learning about your work and life thru Stanley as they would from some kind of exotic travel. Your cousin must have picked you because s/he thought you had a context worthy of study by 3rd graders. So go with that.

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I agree with the above comment. You can find fun ways to take pictures of Stanley.. I think the wedding was a great idea as well. Everything is a lesson right now for these kids, and I do not think that they will be disappointed.. Also, try not to feel too much pressure.. you already said that you had no idea about it.. at the same time… is there a fun street name close to where you work? Maybe taking him through a day in the life would be fun, and I know that anyone who has kids.. or even likes kids, would love to play along.. take a picture of him next to a copier, and then maybe stick him in the copier.. make a twin of him.. take a pic of him with a mug of coffee, or sitting in front of a computer. ... have fun with it!

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I don’t really understand this thread. I know the children’s book Flat Stanley, but I don’t know the tradition of which you, my american cousins, speak. Could you elucidate?

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Well, elucidate is a word not often used in everyday language. ‘Could you clarify?’ is more often used over elucidate. -Flat Stanley is the children’s book as you already know. For the purpose of learning little students (usually 3rd graders) will make a cut-out of F.S. and then send him on vacation. And he is suppose to send pictures, postcards, etc. to let the student know how his vacations is going.

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Using the word “elucidate” was meant to be fun, as I use it far too little, but I preferred the sense in which it implies ‘to shed light upon’. Thanks for explaining the idea, we don’t have it here in the UK to the best of my knowledge. Sounds fun, but I can see how it could get competitive, just like children’s birthday parties.

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