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April fools?

Asked by peedub (8682points) April 1st, 2009

Maybe I should scroll down.

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I’m confusing AHAHA A

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peedub, yes you should scroll down. isn’t that the first thing you would do before asking a question? what’s wrong with you? you’ve ruined my pancakes! bad question!

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Way to go, Peedizzle. =]

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Haha, I’m such a dipshitake.

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Bad me. Bad question! Evrul to all !!!! ;(

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Now I must chase my frizzer!!!

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You’re just like school in the summer time – NO CLASS!

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Apparently, you aren’t getting the vibe we’re sending you. SCRAM!


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Here, 1 point for visiting two days in a row. Now here’s another 2 for leaving.

THESE ARE WAY funny…hehehe!

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Just give it up, really.

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Okay…now that’s just plain ol’ sillies!

I will cut you if you cook my cat.

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