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My parents won't let me have another X-box 360, How should I kill them?

Asked by shockvalue (5797points) April 1st, 2009

They like, totes deserve it.

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Depends on whether or not you have wireless controllers…
With wires? Strangulation.
Without? I guess you could just shove them down their throats and hope for the best.
Good luck with that.

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No more Xboxe’s until you learn’s whe’re to put you’re apostrophe’s. Im with them. Your gonna have to kill me 2.

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give me one because i do not have one.

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With kindness. :^>

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You already have one, shut up and man up.

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They should kill you for wanting another x-box get a playstation3 instead way better

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First of all take a couple of deep breaths. Do we really think a second XBox is worth being sent up the river for the rest of your life? I mean seriously, think of the ramifications. Maybe instead of killing them you should try to reason with them. Explain that you are a good kid who gets good grades. Take a minute to explain that you decided to forgo homicide and talk it out. They’ll be so grateful you chose to spare their lives they’ll get you an XBox and a Wii!!!

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@shockvalue ~ lurve for ‘Muahaha’—excellent!!
@jeruba ~ das friggin’ dope

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Oh, and don’t think telling the other inmates you’re in for wanting another X-Box won’t get you made into someone’s bitch.

Tell everyone what you’re in for.

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Tell them you just want to help stimulate the economy by accepting the next X-box they’re getting you.

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I would suggest slowly and painfully… like making them sit through the Jonas Brothers Movie until they give in
is that considered cruel and unusual punishment? it should be

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It cannot be, Jeruba never construes drivel!

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Maybe invite them online and kill them in a game.
All the satisfaction with none of the mess.

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How’d you get “parent’s” (with apostophe) fixed after I posted my comment??

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Spoiled Much?
In this economy be happy that you have one!

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@Jeruba: Clicking ‘Edit this discussion’ allows you to edit your questions for 5–10 minutes after you post. :)

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Rats, I was inside the time limit. Well, haha, he didn’t fix his comma splice. :D Next time I’ll check my watch first!

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The preferred method seems to be shooting them, but if they haven’t conveniently left any guns lying around the house, there are several other time honored methods.

The oldest one in recorded history is a knife, and throughout time, poison has remained at the top of the list. The safest way is to convince your sibling to do it, or hire someone.

One of the harder, less reliable ways is to turn the gas on the stove, and then turn up the hot water heater flame, but modern hot water heaters don’t have flames anymore. Another is the old “heater fell over” trick, as long as you make sure to pile flamable clothes under it first. Or you could try the electric appliance in the bathtub, but that require chosing only one to do without.

I have read of tampering with the brakes on the car, and in one TV show, the killer trained a dog to attack and kill.

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You should grow up enough to realize that another X-Box does nothing for you anyway (aside from draining your potential as a human being).

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I agree with @sandystrachan – you should get a PS3. Tell them it is for the Blu-Ray player. Your parents probably don’t understand why you would want two of the same console.

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Why don’t you ask them for something else, like a shiny new bicycle? Or something you could enjoy you know, in the real world. My little brother has the same sort of video game rage and parent-related hostility. Why not sell one of your old systems and start a new hobby? And I mean this in all kindness and sincerity. The outdoors are wonderful!

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Hokay, so the deed is done. I took @Yarnlady‘s advice and got my little brother to do it. Then I off’ed him and made it look like a murder suicide… I’m using my inheritance / life insurance money to but another X-box, a PS3 and some duct tape, I plan to tape em all together so my games will run three times as fast! My only problem now is, who the HECK is going to bring me chips and soda while I’m fragging n00bs? Stupid dead parents…

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@shockvalue Ask your grandma, that’s what my grandkids do.

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And remember, @shockvalue, you can always ask the judge to take pity on you because you’re an orphan.

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@Jeruba oooh! I like the way you think!

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(Old joke, I’m afraid: definition of chutzpah. A person with chutzpah would murder his parents and then beg the judge for leniency because he is an orphan.)

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