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Which way do you prefer to reach a comfortable temperature?

Asked by Haroot (2123points) April 2nd, 2009

Just curious. Do prefer the feeling of warming up or cooling down? And a short ‘why’ if you can.

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to feel comfortable? Cooling. I enjoy eating ice. Anything cool. But of course, a good cup of tea is great. But as a person, yeah, anything cold. Even if it’s in the middle of winter.

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I prefer both methods, actually. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and in the middle of summer, I’m always wishing for cooler temperatures. In the winter, where it is cold (for us desert people anyway), I find myself wanting warmer weather.

In the summer, it could be as simple as sitting under a ceiling fan or rushing to get inside an air conditioned building after being outdoors. In the winter, it’s sitting in the house waiting for the heater to kick on or just laying under a thermal blanket during the evening hours.

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AIR CONDITIONING!!! It’s my very best friend! I live in Mobile, AL and from about now, April, until about early November it feels as if you are wrapped up in a wet heated blanket! Shorts and tanks def. don’t help and neither do fans, iced water, or anything else other than A/C. It’s nice and mild during the winter though. We usually only use our heater about 20 days out of the season.

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I prefer cooling off while stripped down to shorts and a tee shirt on the deck of a sailboat in a fresh breeze.

Warming up is nice, too, with a friendly babe under clean sheets and a pile of quilts.

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