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Why does it seem like most comedians are liberal?

Asked by shilolo (18075points) April 27th, 2009

On the plane, I recently watched a Lewis Black video. He was making fun of Dick Cheney (easy target, I know). I thought, most of the comedians that do political comedy (Jon Stewart, George Carlin) are liberals? Are conservatives just unfunny?

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I think comedy is an art form that lends itself to certain demographics. The performers of said art are one’s that lend themselves to a “liberal” approach to politics.

In other words, liberals are more likely to be stand up comedians.

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Drew Carey, Dennis Miller, Cheryl Underwood, Brad Stein? Maybe you just pick and choose.

Many comedians are equal opportunity mockers, whatever sells – works.

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I don’t know . I’ve never heard someone tell a coservative joke that was funny. I’m sure there are conservative comedians though, they just aren’t as popular.

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@YARNLADY: Those aren’t really the top dogs in comedy…

I have an opinion, but it will just piss off the conservatives. ;)

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Also see this question

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Perhaps liberals are just more apt to make a mockery of things. xD

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~makes a snarky comment about a certain demographic being too uptight~

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Maybe we’re just naturally funnier?

Seriously though, conservative humor tends to be curmudgeonly… kind of grouchy (think Dennis Miller – though Lewis Black may fall under this category, too), while liberal humor is generally of a more laid-back nature. Maybe conservative humor is just not as popular.

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Maybe liberal people think liberals are funnier and conservatives – conservatives?

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I read on one source it’s not nice to make fun of the mentally ill.

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Comedians are whores. If the conservative bits worked, they would use the hell out of them. And please bear in mind that a person’s sense of humor does not necessarily denote their political affiliation.They’re just doin’ what they need to do to keep the mortgage paid.

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Liberals are still looked at as both intellectual, edgy and somewhat rebellious in some circles so they use it to their advantage. Conservatives in recalling the good old days, while often respected…not so much.

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There’s plenty of conservative comedians:
Dennis Miller
Ralphie May
Bill O’Reilly (that guy kills me)

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not true at all! bush’s administration was full of a bunch of clowns!

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Well I challenge anyone to sit through this entire 1 minute 46 seconds. It’s painful…Any questions about why the best comedy is liberal? Even Dennis Miller’s best stuff was when he was more moderate back in the 80’s.

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Liberals actually have a sense of humor.

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Look at the world. The choices are to laugh or to cry. Liberals laugh. Conservatives cry.

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I think comedy lends itself well to underdoggery. (Okay. That totally isnt a real word, but you know what I mean.) It allows you to express unpopular opinions in a way that lets people laugh at a lot of different issues that might otherwise make them feel threatened or offended.

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Why, because all conservatives are rich old people of course!

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@Ivan Crap… I’m not rich! I’ve been in the wrong party this whole time.. DAG!

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I think it correlates with having an open mind. Liberals are just more open-minded, therefore having a greater pool of thought to fish from. Being open-minded allows you to see more than one side of a situation, which is a basic tool for crafting jokes.

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@Ivan, if you’re gonna stereotype do it right. All conservatives are rich old WHITE people.

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@nayeight Rich old white MEN! And fat!

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Please tell me the omission of Colbert in this discussion was intentional.

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Well darn. I’m not old… or white.. or rich. And I’m reasonably open minded too… maybe I’m a liberal after all (uncontrollable laughter).

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Well of course he’s quite liberal and I imagine it’s not the conservative so much as the mentally challenged who imagine him to be a neocon.

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Because they obviosly don’t have both oars in the water.
So they are a lot like liberals.

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Good point. It seems the best satire is sometimes too good. But it only makes sense that the most entrenched in their positions can not stand self effacement. And I think that stands for either side of the spectrum regardless of position. You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself.

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