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Where is a good place to sample beer?

Asked by Triiiple (1356points) April 30th, 2009

Im looking for a place, even a chain restaurant/bar that lets you sample beers.

Ive been to a place here in Orlando called Mellow Mushroom that offered like 5 beers for $5 samples.

Anyone know another place in the Orlando area that might?

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BJ’s Brewhouse and Restaurant.
4151 Conroy Rd.

And really, I’d expect any place that brews its own beers on site would likely have a sampler offering.

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Come to Milwaukee on a vacation ;)

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@robmandu have you been to bjs before?

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I love Old Flame, Bare Ass Blonde, and Misfit Red from here.

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The keywords that can help with Google searches are “brewpubs” or “brewhouse”. It’s almost guaranteed that a pub that brews their own beer will offer some type of sampler.

We have one here in Ottawa called the Clocktower Brew Pub, it makes delicious beers including an interesting raspberry one.

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@robmandu you dont have to whisper..

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Your local brewpub is a great place to try new beers. Most brewpubs will offer a sample course of six or so three or four ounce beers. The good ones will provide literature on what you’re drinking.
As far as chains, BJs is good, and so is Rock Bottom. There may also be an Old Chicago near you, which will have a great selection for a chain (including an emphasis on local brews and a wide selection of awesome Colorado beers).

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The best place in the world for that is Belgium.

Belgian beer comprises the most diverse national collection of quality beer in the world, and varies from the popular pale lager to lambic beer and Flemish red.

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@Lothloriengaladriel, I typically employ “whisper” when off-of or tangential-to the topic. No, I don’t have to. I want to.

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Another great way to find beer-sampling is to go ask your local liquor warehouse type place (unless you are in an ABC state). If they don’t offer sampling themselves as events, they probably know who does. After all, they really want you to sample until you find an expensive, random microbrew you can’t live with out.

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@robmandu lol how was my question off topic?

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@Lothloriengaladriel, your question of me does not answer the question of “where is a good place to sample beer?” Hence, in my opinion, it’s off-topic. Not a judgment or complaint… I did answer it… I just prefer to whisper in those cases.

Now, your very last question ^ ^ ^... I hope needs no explanation as to its topicality. ;-D

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@robmandu I asked because I figured you would go into detail and maybe give your opinion of it because I was interested in the place you listed, but I was wrong. Anyways I’m done now, This conversation is pointless.

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BJ’s is kind of an upperscale casual American fare restaurant. Sandwiches, burgers, pizza, steak, chicken, etc.

They only serve their own brews (at least, that’s true of the one near me) for beer… but have an otherwise fully stocked bar.

Lots of mood lighting, high-end fabrics, heavy silverware. The bar area has lots of HDTVs and also a large multi-panel display for easy viewing from across the restaurant. It can get noisy during games and weekend nights.

And try the pizookie for dessert: ice cream on a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. Big enough to share.

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Wait, there’s a Mellow Mushroom in FL? I thought it was just in GA… Sweet!

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@Lothloriengaladriel, the only pointless part of the conversation is where you seem reticent to actually ask the question you intended. I did answer the questions you asked. All of them. Stop being pointless.

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@robmandu Sorry, next time I’ll be more specific (:

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I’d say that 90% of the time I prefer to sample beer with my mouth.

@mattbrowne is absolutely right about Belgium as well

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If you’re ever near Frederick, MD (in western MD not too far from Balimore and Washington DC) visit The Flying Dog Brewery on a Saturday afternoon. The $5 tour gets you a souvenir pint glass and 6 samples of all the stuff they have on tap.

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@mcbealerTire Biter kicks ass.

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Oh yah, and last time I was at Sea World in Orlando, it was still owned by Anheuser-Busch. And so they had free samples of several A-B beers on tap in a central tasting room in the park.

Is Sea World still in the A-B family?

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IF you have one in there area, Old Chicago also gives you about 2 free samples if they have it on tap… and considering they have the World of Beers tour. They have a pretty impressive selection, on tap and in bottle.

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Any micro-brewery or brew house… there is a new one in a rennovated flat iron building on Market St, Chattanooga next to the Choo Choo – called the Terminal. They have fab beers AND you can watch them brewing them!

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