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Will you tell me where you'll be/what you'll be doing in 10, 20, 30 years from now?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38963points) May 2nd, 2009

In 10 years, I’ll probably be working on/done with my PhD, I’ll probably have/adopt one more child, my father will probably pass away and my partner, the kids and I might still be living with my mom, grandma and aunt…

In 20 years, I hope to be a professor at a university teaching a course on gender/feminism/racism/sociology…I hope to start/be working on two books…one non-fiction and one autobiography…my grandma and dogs will probably pass away and my elderly mother and aunt will prob move in with us…we will probably be living elsewhere in Brooklyn…

In 30 years, I hope to have grandchildren, be helping my husband build a boat and since the kids would probably move out, I’d hope to get to travel a bit, and maybe be foster parents to teenagers…my mother and aunt will pass away by then as will our cats, probably…we’ll probably get new pets: a husky, a sphinx cat and some water snakes…

What are YOUR dreams, ambitions,r ealities?

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10. Working on my double doctorate! What?!
20. Poking bodies in the back of a museum, publishing, maybe teaching some.
30. Running my own digs and expeditions and adventures into the wild! Maybe, just maybe, working for a an international nonprofit organization.

Boys will have to work around that.
They can just deal. I got priorities.


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In 10 years, I will be done my nursing school, and hopefully my husband will have gone back to school. I hope to be working as a nurse either while the kids are in school, or the graveyard shift. I’ll be done having children (holy crap, I’ll have an almost 12 year old!) I’ll hopefully have had one, two or maybe three more children by that point.
20 years: Still working, sending my children off to college…praying to God they don’t fuck up like I did. Hopefully own our own home by this point (would like that to happen in the next 15 years actually.)
30 years: Having grandbabies! Can’t wait for that. Knowing the fertileness from my husband, we’ll probably become grandparents pretty early haha. Spoiling my grandchildren rotten. Hopefully my husband will be running his own restaurant. I’ll still be a nurse, or working to maintaint the family restaurant.

I want to live a simple life, full of love and family. I do hope to write a book at some point.

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10 Retired
20 Nursing home
30 Dead

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I forgot to mention, in ten years, each and every one of my friends have sworn oaths to call me Dr. Doctor.

It will be glorious.

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Fuck if I know. And part of me wants to keep it that way. And part of me is really proud that that is my first response.

Big step for aviona, the plan-a-holic!

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10 Founded my own political party

20 Party acquired nuclear weapons

30 Henceforth known as Emperor Tao the Terrible

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@TaoSan what a life!

@asmonet i’ll call you dr. doctor now if you’d like ;)

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Those that reach for the stars might not necessarily succeed, but at least they don’t have dirt from the ground on their hands after….


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1) in a hospital working
2) in a hospital working (hopefully)
3) in a hosptial probably as a patient (sadly)

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In ten years I will probably be drinking a beer.
In twenty years I will probably be drinking a beer.
In thirty years I will probably be drinking a beer.

if nothing else i am consistant

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@Blondesjon will it be the same brand of beer?

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10 years – married for a few years, seriously considering having or adopting a child, maybe working as a translator or ESL teacher
20 years – living comfortably, relatively healthy, still married
30 years – hopefully still married and not dead, that works for me

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@Lightlyseared…Probably not. I am not a picky alcoholic.

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I wouldn’t even hazard a guess. If you had asked me this question ten, twenty or thirty years ago I would have been so wildly wrong it would have been almost sad.

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I have absolutely no idea.

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10 – Running the business that I have to run. Still married, kids all grown.
20 – Running the business that I want to run. Ditto ^^ + more grandchildren.
30 – Dead or nearly so.

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10 – debt free, in a relationship, having traveled a bit here and there, loving my j.o.b.
20 – still working, seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (no, not that sort of light…I’m talking retirement, baby!), still with a lady that I lurve, hopefully, I’m a sexy ol’ “cougar”, have a few pets, healthy and lovin’ life
30 – here’s hoping that I’m healthy (my Mom passed away in her 60’s), retired, that I’m a rather fetching ol “greyhound”, and am able to take off and travel lots with my girl.

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10 years, I’ll hopefully be living with my daughter and worrying about her first date. Though I’m afraid with the speed things are moving at, I might still be fighting for custody.

20 years, she’ll be studying or something like that, and I may be remarried by then (I said I’ll start thinking about that once she’s all grown and sorted out)

30 years, worrying about my health. With my family history, I don’t expect to live that long, but I’ve been doing things pretty fast, so I hope it will be long enough for everything I’ve left undone. Hopefully have grandchildren and dedicate my life to playing board games and telling them stories.

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I’ll tell you in 10, 20 and 30 years.

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I’ll likely be right here fluthering away.
Of course, then I’ll be sitting in my Rascal.

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retired and working security at walmart.

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Pushing up daisies.

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in 10 years I shall be 75. If my faculties hold up, I may be still in part time employment. And reading more.

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10 – Doing it
20 – Writing about it
30 – Reading about it

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10 years – retired from the military after 28 years of service
20 years – working toward a second pension from another job
30 years – completely retired at this point and doing all kinds of traveling and relaxing and enjoying some well earned fun

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10yrs – I would love to have my non-profit idea up and running. Helping patients with disabilities, dread diseases or severe chronic illnesses help manage their day-to-day lives. from patient rights to help with laundry.

20yrs – hope to be doing the same.

30 – I’d love to be playing somewhere with my grandchildren.

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10 years – hopefully happily remarried, have adopted a child, working on my cookbooks
20 years – successful author of several highly acclaimed cookbooks. teaching cooking and baking, having a huge veggie/fruit garden
30 years – see “20 years”, grandchildren

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lol Why think ahead when you can have the bliss of just relaxing for just a second and theink of where am i here and now and thinking whatever is coming up I can handle it, i got this.

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I have hopes, but I doubt if they will really happen. So I don’t think about it. I let life unfold as it will. I dance with it, and if I’m lucky, I stay on my feet.

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10… I’ll be a hack in some cafe bitching about the coffee.

20… Dead long before.

30… I’ll rise and take my seat as Baruckghah, King of Salty Foods.

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Heck, I can’t tell you with any certainty what I’ll be doing 10, 20, or 30 days from now…

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