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Has a question here, in fluther, moved you to tears?

Asked by Zen (7738points) May 5th, 2009

How and why?

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I haven’t been moved to tears, unless you count those of laughter.
But some of the questions have tugged on my heartstrings because of their content. People in pain is never nice.

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Only tears of laughter…some of these people slay me….

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No, but I’ve certainly felt sad or concerned.

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Tears of laughter.

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Questions and answers have never moved me to tears but a few have stayed on my mind for a few days.

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The content can get a little intense. I have welled up on occasion, but I’m kind of a weepy person anyway.

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One question had responses that greatly disturbed me, and made me cry because of how thoughtless and uncaring people were.

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Every question has moved you to tears?
You might be depressed

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I had one or two responses to one of my questions move me to tears. Because its the first time I could talk to anyone about it and they understood and cared.

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I’m with casheroo on this. I’ve read some ridiculous and also cruel responses and been tempted plenty of times to leave some of my own but decided to only share my bent of sarcasm and humor with those who know me and won’t be hurt or offended.

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Early on there was a young man whose family had been abandoned by his father when he was quite young.
The young man was about 19 was contemplating marriage and was torn between whether his father should be invited to the wedding ceremony after showing no interest in the family for some extended period of time.
Tough choice and hard to give advice about this.

As a father, I could not imagine missing the wedding of one of my children (ranging from 18 to 24) unless I was physically unable to be there. This applies to marrying into a different religion or ethnic group or race and no matter how much something like that might upset me, it is my obligation to be there.

This young man got conflicted advice and the more he opened up the more apparent the right decision became. I even felt odd giving advice to someone as young as one of my sons, a 40 year difference in age and felt that I had to cut off the private conversations.

But that opening post could have torn apart a father’s heart,


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Yes, I have cried several times. I’m one of those people who cries over commercials, so how could I not cry when someone I care for (even if only in virtual life) is in pain?

I have also cried tears of happiness, and tears of laughter… Fluther has it all!

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The questions that talk about people leaving Fluther (good people) make me very sad.

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