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Do you take yourself seriously?

Asked by Zen (7738points) May 5th, 2009

Really? Why is that?

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I’m Captain Sillypants. :)

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From 9 am until 8 pm (more or less).

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No. I’m not a very serious person.

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Nope, I kid around more then I should :D

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Yes, because I think life is a serious matter.

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No. Im a 21yr old joke.

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60% yes. 40% no.

I can be goofy, but in recent years, I’ve become more serious than I’d like.

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too often…i need to learn to relax or so i’m told

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I would have to say sometimes yes and I am glad that I have people around me that tell me I should lighten up.

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It depends on the situation. On this site, not at all. If I did I would end up like some of the crabs with over 12,000 points to their fluther. @GAMBIT Yo! What is up?!

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@spresto – hey spresto. Everything is going well. Enjoy your day.

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@GAMBIT Same to you my friend.

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Not obvious at all.~

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I wouldn’t say I’m “serious” as in i never laugh. But I’m “serious” as in I mean whatever I say.

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I’m a pretty serious person, as far as demeanor goes. But as for my outlook on life goes, I couldn’t be more of a hippy. What will be, will be, and I will enjoy-ee!

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@spresto: why would you post a picture of your girlfriend for @asmonet to look at? I’m confused.

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@cprevite I wanted to show her how alike they are.

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You are slyly [that’s giving you too much credit, I know] antagonistic in almost any post you make.

I’ve noticed all of your input this morning has been, shall we say, biting and mean, and irresponsible.

I’d be the kettle, calling the pot black if I claimed that I don’t do that ever now and again… but at the rate you are going I am beginning to notice you are not adding any value at all to this community.

Sure, you can huff and puff about people being stuffy and earning 5 figure salaries, but in the end it’s just jealousy.

Please, just cool it, and try to be productive. This is not some general forum where you can wisecrack all the time.

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@squirbel What will be, will be, and I will enjoy-ee!

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Anyway you can’t get rid of me.

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It’s all about balance. So, sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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I’m not trying to. I’m pleased you quoted me!

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Not really. I know how silly I am.

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@squirbel Don’t mention it. It is a good quote.

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I don’t talke myself too seriously. If I do something dumb, I’m the first one to laugh at myself. I love to joke & cut up. In fact, I’ll see a question on here that I’d just LOVE to answer in a funny or sarcastic way, but I hold myself back. When you take yourself too seriously, you lose out on the fun in life.

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Half-serious but completely in jest.

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To take yourself too seriously is one of the worst mistakes you can make. It’s right up there with lying to yourself or your shrink!

Of course I do it occasionally, I only hope that I wake up to it quickly and correct the problem!

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I don’t think I take myself too seriously, but I am a serious person. I can laugh and be silly and have fun… especially with my kids, but I think and talk about a lot of serious things. I’m sort of a light-hearted deep thinker. Is that even possible?

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@quarkquarkquark Am I the asshole? Explain, please.

Who gave him/her a “great question”?


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my post was a joke

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@quarkquarkquark K. Lotsa lurve to ya.

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Life is to short. Life is no fun if your dead from stress

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